Things I Love

  • spending time with my husband – he’s my best friend

  • my nieces Beatrice & Haley

  •  cool weather

  • warm weather

  • cooking & baking

  • teaching math to middle schoolers

  • holding babies

  • puppies

  • riding roller coasters

  • traveling & driving to new places

  • fishing, even though i only go once or twice a year

  • the tv in my car

  • my mother’s boisterous laugh

  • music – it keeps me going. i don’t know what i’d do without it in my life

  • board games

  • naps on the couch

  • looking for shells at the beach

  • reading murder mysteries, when i actually have the time to do so

  • numbers

  • chocolate

  • my grandma – she’s so so sweet and full of love and wisdom

  • taking pictures of flowers, sunrises & sunsets, bodies of water and everything else outside, babies & children, things that are old & historic (buildings & such), people who don’t know i’m photographing them, & myself (denny says i’m vain, and he’s probably right)

  • laughing

  • quoting (and watching) the 40 year old virgin

  • being in love

  • all things Marilyn Monroe

  • driving with nowhere to go

  • Mexican food, especially chicken enchiladas (no red sauce)

  • making plans

  • being spontaneous

  • fruity smells

  • candles

  • macaroni & cheese with tuna and green peas


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