Every morning, Emily and Everett come into our bed and sleep for another hour or two. I am usually in between Eden and Everett since they both want to be snuggled up next to me. I wish there was a way to be next to Emily too.


I can’t get this one to keep his clothes on.


Eden decided that she wanted to nap all by herself and not in her usual spot on my back. She didn’t want to be worn at all. This went on for two days. Today we were back to normal, thank goodness.


I love the dimples on his little boy hands. They are fading and turning into big boy hands. I am so going to miss this.


She was smiling at the baby on the screen. She is very much into seeing herself these days. Mirrors are the coolest.


Eden was napping, Emily was resting in bed for a time-out, so he decided that he wanted to sleep too. On his bedroom floor.


Sleeping beauty.


He’s not even two years old yet and he already knows how to drive. And yes, the tractor is rigged to work. It was free 🙂


The flowers are blooming. Spring is finally here!


See? Back to normal.


My beautiful girl.


How can she be four months old already?


Playing in the mud led to an early afternoon bath.


Big boy underwear! We are slowly introducing him to the potty.


I never want to forget the way her hands rest on my chest when she is sleeping in a wrap.

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