A Look Into My Day: Monday, September 19, 2011

9:25 am

Everett wakes up first, as he does most mornings. He nurses and Emily wakes up. We laze in bed for thirty minutes or so, watching an episode of Phineas and Ferb before we get up and start our day.

10:23 am

Second diaper change of the day. Everett is content to play alone for a few minutes while I stuff the clean diapers that have been piled up on the floor for a few days now. Mornings are his best time of day.

11:04 am

They swing. This is the first of three times that we play outside today. Both of them love to be outdoors. It doesn’t matter how fussy Everett is, I can simply walk outside with him and he is instantly calmed. Emily would play out here all day if I would let her, but it is not cool enough yet and the gnats are still a nuisance.

11:23 am

Maggie is in her usual spot on the back of the golf cart. There is never a time that we go for a ride that she is not with us. Today we ran out of gas and I had to call my father-in-law to rescue us. We only had to sit and wait for a few minutes but in that time, Emily needed to use the bathroom and I was holding a sleeping Everett in my arms. It’s always something.

12:00 pm

Everett naps. There are two loads of laundry that I race to finish, not including the load still in the dryer or the diapers that still need to be washed. I have to be quick: I never know how long Everett will sleep. Maybe 10 minutes or maybe an hour. This nap lasted for about 45 minutes – that made for one very happy mama.

12:17 pm

Emily’s imagination amazes me at times. Today she made her daddy a bowl-of-goldfish birthday cake with pink utensil candles. It is not his birthday but this girl loves birthdays and parties and balloons and celebrating. I think we will have a party soon just because.

12:33 pm

One of the rare times that she is both still and quiet. I don’t remember what she is watching but it is probably either Dora, Phineas and Ferb, Max and Ruby or Bubble Guppies. The stillness doesn’t last long.

12:41 pm

Everett wakes from his nap. I wind up the mobile in his crib to buy myself just a few more minutes. I slice an apple to eat while I sit and feed Everett. Before the music stops playing he is already crying out for me. Patient he is not, but I can’t say much about that since I’m the one he got that from.

1:03 pm

Everything goes into his mouth. Every. single. thing.

1:06 pm

Books are her favorite playthings, and I couldn’t be more proud. On repeat these days is “Oh, The Places You’ll Go”. I don’t have this one memorized entirely yet but I have a feeling it won’t be much longer.

1:28 pm

Lunch time! I’m probably the only person in the world who eats this combination. It is weird but I love it so and I have been eating it for as long as I can remember. Macaroni and cheese (from scratch! made with a roux! and real cheese! no processed foods here in our house) with peas and tuna. It really is delicious.

2:07 pm

Emily plays in the sandbox while Everett and I just hang out. I can’t wait to see them and photograph them playing in it together next spring.

2:11 pm

This boy is very attached to his pacis. If there isn’t a toy or food in his mouth, there is usually a pacifier in there. Especially when he is tired, like he is now.

4:00 pm

Daddy is home early and we go out to play again. He finds a lizard and Emily tries to hold it but the lizard is too fast and scurries away. We ride to the store to buy gas for the golf cart and stop to visit with Pop & Granny.

7:16 pm

Everett takes his last nap of the day while I do nothing for the first time all day. Denny and Emily are outside and the house is quiet for the first time since we woke up in the morning.

7:18 pm

Dinner is on the stove and in the oven and there is nothing left to do but wait for it to finish.Tonight we have party chicken, rice, and green beans.

8:00-ish pm

My baby nurses to sleep. This is an hour before his usual bedtime but he is just so sleepy today. Not enough naps.

8:17 pm

Washing the day away. I am so blessed to have two children who love water as much as mine do. Bath time is always an adventure, never a chore.

9:27 pm

Setting a routine has helped Emily go to bed (and go to sleep) in her own bed with no fuss at all. We’ve been doing this for a few weeks now and I love having some down time with her at the end of the day. Dinner, bath, pajamas, two books, prayers, kisses, glass of water, lights out. Sometimes she gets up one last time for “more kisses”. I know she is just delaying going to sleep but her Daddy and I will never say no to more kisses.

*I stole this idea from another blogger and I think it is just genius. It inspired me to get out my camera and just take pictures of my kids doing what they do. Photographs don’t have to be posed and can be taken every day, not just at special outings or on holidays. I have been so inspired by this project and I hope to do it every month or two, just so I can remember what my life was like with my littles.


2 thoughts on “A Look Into My Day: Monday, September 19, 2011

  1. Absolutely LOVE it. Your day and your littles seem so similar to mine. And I love mac&cheese and tuna! I usually add broccoli to mine, though my mac and cheese is never from scratch 🙂 Thank you so much for participating!

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