My First Win

I am one of those people who never win anything. Except for that one time when I was 10 years old (or 11 maybe? I don’t really remember) when I won a bike at church. Every week I try to win cloth diapers from 3 different blogs. Then there are the many, many giveaways featured on the SITS blog and those from blogs I follow. That’s how I found out about this giveaway. Stephanie from Adventures in Babywearing blogged about her KmartDesign styling session at blogger and mentioned that they were giving away 25 $100 gift cards. So I entered, but I never thought I’d win because  I never win!

At least not until now. I finally won something!


This little gem came in the mail yesterday. Now if I just could decide what to spend it on. I have no idea. Our local KMart is not one of the better ones, and their shelves are more often sparse than plentiful. I am assuming I can use it online, so maybe I can find something there. Maybe I’ll buy Emily some toys for Christmas. Or Denny suggested that we buy camping gear for our trip next week. Or I could just buy food like my brother-in-law suggested. Ha! All I know is this little thing is burning a hole in my wallet!


One thought on “My First Win

  1. Totally buy something for yourself. Or like I would do….towels, bed linens, curtains. One of those things I hate buying for the house but you can never have enough.

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