Growing Up

Every day it seems like Emily has learned something new. I personally think that she is a genius, but only time will tell. She is getting so close to sitting up without toppling over, and she can sit for several minutes at a time before she loses her balance. We are so close to having a little sitter!

I have always put Emily in her swing without strapping her in. In fact, I’ve never even adjusted the straps to fit around her. Lately this has been a problem since she has started scooting and rolling. She tries to scoot out of the bottom and she tries to roll over the sides. If the swing’s arms weren’t in her way, I’m sure she would roll right outta there!

If I take a shower before Denny gets home from work, I bring the swing in to the bathroom and sit Emily in it with a few toys. I check on her a few times to make sure she isn’t sliding out, and it’s a good thing I do. Because this is how I found her.


And yeah, I adjusted those straps today.


One thought on “Growing Up

  1. Oh my goodness- how cute was that!!! She is a smart baby though- she sat up and didn’t fall over!!! Kinda propped herself up against the swing and was just hanging out until you finished the shower!!! LOL! She is just too smart and too precious!!!

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