Testing the Waters

I wanted to put Emily in a pool just to see what she would do before I shelled out $40 for swim lessons. I would hate to waste the money if it turned out that Emily hated the water. So our friend and neighbor, Mr. T, invited us to use his pool and Thursday evening we took him up on his offer. I got in the pool first and had a huge smile on my face as Denny handed Em off to me. I wanted her to see how calm and happy I was in the water (thanks for the tip Stephanie!) so that she wouldn’t be scared. Children can sense our fear, ya know?

SSL27506 So far, so good.

SSL27510 This is fun, mama!

SSL27514 Would you just let me go so I can swim?

SSL27520 Ahhh, I could get used to this.

SSL27526 When can we come back? I’m lovin’ this!

Yeah. She LOVED it. Every second of it. We would have stayed longer but I was pooped. I think it’s safe to say that we will be attending swimming lessons. And visiting Mr. T’s pool quite often until then.


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