Like I talked about in my last post, I am hoping for children who aren’t scared of every.little.thing. Yes, it’s good to be afraid of some things like strangers, snakes and unusual dogs. But it’s also good to relax and have fun!

We borrowed a jumperoo from Denny’s sister last week to let Emily play with. She loves to bounce on our laps so we thought she might like it. I was worried that she might be unsure about it since it is kinda wobbly, but I was totally taken by surprise! She loved it! She just bounced and bounced and laughed and laughed! So far we have found nothing that this baby girl doesn’t like. Woo hoo for my brave little girl!



4 thoughts on “Fearless

  1. That is the cutest thing ever!!! We bought it when Haley was about her age and she didn’t really care for it to much! I am so glad she is enjoying it! Maybe you can cook supper one night with some peace now!! haha

  2. She is too cute in this!!! She figured out what to do!!! Emily is going to talk early I bet- she is making all kinds of sounds!!! Wow she is a smart little girl!!! This was a fun video to watch!

  3. That was the CUTEST video ever!!! Every time you laughed, the camera shook and she would stop for a minute and look at you…hilarious!!! BTW, don’t teach her to be afraid of snakes, please, just teach her to avoid the poisonous ones. She may grow up to be a little herpetologist.

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