In the Swim

Don’t you just hate it when kids are scared of every little thing? And they cry and run away screaming over absolutely nothing, like bugs, swimming pools, and rides at the amusement park? Ugh. That gets on my nerves.

Oh, that’s how your kid is? Sorry.

I was never afraid of the water, but nobody ever taught me how to swim. I remember when I was very young, probably 4 or 5 maybe? we were swimming at my aunt and uncle’s house. I thought it was so cool that my cousin was jumping off of the diving board and I decided I wanted to try it too. And so I did. But instead of coming back up to the surface like he did, I was just kinda stuck down there. But it was only a few seconds before my uncle jumped in to my rescue. No harm done. Shortly after that I taught myself how to swim.

To this day, my mom only knows how to swim underwater. Weird. Whether her head is under or above the water shouldn’t make a difference, right? Anyhow, back to the scaredy-cats. My little sister was like that last year, and my step-brother was too. My mom has a pool at her house, but neither of them would even think about going in the deep end. Not even with floaties on, not while riding on my back, not with a life jacket. They were too scared to even learn how to swim. It drove me crazy, and then finally one day, somebody just threw them in and they figured it out. They swam. Thank the Lord!

That fear is something I never, ever want to have to deal with with my children. In my opinion, water is nothing to be afraid of. Every child should learn how to swim – before they are 8 years old. Not only so they won’t be scared, but for safety reasons too. Think about it. If your toddler knows how to swim and  s/he accidentally falls into a pool or any other body of water, they will know what to do! They won’t drown! And that’s what I want for Emily, and for all of my future kiddos. I want to know that they will be safe around the water. Even though Em is my only child right now, some day I hope to have more and it will be hard to keep my eyes on all of them at once.

So that is why I have decided to take Emily to swimming lessons. The younger the better, right? Right. Lessons start next month, just after Emily’s 6 month birthday which is perfect since she has to be at least 6 months old to go. I am so excited about this! I’ve been doing research and found out that babies get the most benefit from swimming lessons if they start before their first birthday. Not only can she learn how to swim before she learns how to walk, swimming can increase intelligence, concentration and alertness and will help to develop her social, emotional and physical development. I know that it will be years before she can swim on her own, but I just want to make sure that when she is old enough she will not let fear stop her from having fun!


2 thoughts on “In the Swim

  1. Great idea but word of advise if you have a pool you can teach her the “introduction to water” yourself. I put Anaston in the pool when she was a few weeks old. She loved it. And when she was 1 I took her to YMCA for “intro to water”. It was a waste. It was for babies & children who are scared of the water. Anaston loved water. So for 1 hours 4 days a week for 2 weeks I just carried her around the pool while the other babies screamed their heads off.
    And I’ll contradict my thoughts here & say – great idea/have fun. I don’t like screaming kids either who are afraid of the water.

  2. Hey Megan! I was just going to tell you that Beatrice is going to swim lessons the first leg of the classes. My Mom is going to take her. I think it is the same age range as Emily. I am impressed that you are taking her so early. It sounds like fun!

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