Show Us Your Life: Receptions & Honeymoons

This is the last week of weddings at Kelly’s Korner, and get ready, because this one has tons of pictures. Looking back at all of the pictures from our wedding and honeymoon has reminded me of a lot of things I had forgotten. I think I’m going to write a post about all of the goings-on that week – there are a lot of funny stories!

Our reception was held at the same place as our wedding, which was at the Robbins Nest in Statesboro. Lucky for us, Denny’s aunt owns the place, and she’s a photographer too.

the wedding 332 Our first dance

the wedding 335 I love this picture!

the wedding 389-1 Denny’s sister caught the bouquet and her fiance caught the garter. They really were the next to tie the knot – they got married 3 months later!

the wedding 697 Our beautiful cake – I LOVED it!

the wedding 714

the wedding 731

Then we were off to our honeymoon in Jamaica!

wedding week 150 Looking down on the Georgia wildfires from 32,000 feet.

wedding week 153 Our first taste of Jamiacan Rum Punch!

wedding week 162 The view from our room

wedding week 218 The left side of the resort

wedding week 219 The right side – it was too big to get it all in one shot.

wedding week 177-1 Horseback riding in the mountains.

wedding week 189 Even the rivers in Jamaica are crystal clear!

wedding week 202-2 On our way to dinner at the resort’s French restaurant.

wedding week 261 We had our picture taken with Bob Marley.

wedding week 346 The pool

wedding week 350 The resort’s romantic little Italian restaurant.

wedding week 273 The nude beach – thank goodness it was far away so we couldn’t see the people there. And no, we did not go.

wedding week 354-1 Such a neat picture on our last evening there.

wedding week 347-1 We loved Byron! He called Denny Mr. John Deere every time he saw him since he was wearing a JD shirt when we got there. He was such a happy, sweet guy!

wedding week 385 A fabulous way to spend the last morning of our trip.

These next pictures were all taken with a waterproof camera so they aren’t the best quality. Sorry!

5-14-2007-16 Riding a waterbike.

5-14-2007-04 We climbed up a waterfall!

5-14-2007-01 And went snorkeling!

In case you are wondering, we stayed at the Couples Resort Ocho Rios. They’ve changed the name since then to Couples Tower Isle. If you are planning to go to Jamaica, I highly recommend this place. The people there are so nice and friendly and they wait on you hand and foot with a smile on their face always. The food is amazing, there is always something to do, and there is so much fun to be had. We hope to go back someday soon!


2 thoughts on “Show Us Your Life: Receptions & Honeymoons

  1. My husband and I are going to Couples Ochos Rios (well, I guess Couples Tower Isle is what it’s called now) in december for our anniversary. Looks like such a blast. I’ve been excited since we booked it, but now I’m even MORE excited!!! 🙂

  2. Hi again – I’m glad we’ll love it. I’ve been to Jamaica before but my husband hasn’t. I can only imagine what the car ride will be like. On our honeymoon, it was a 2 hour drive also and was very scary. haha.

    So in the pictures, it doesn’t look like the water at CTI is as nice as the others…am I wrong? (Please tell me I am) 🙂 It looks sort of choppy and not quite as turquoise. What did you guys think of the swimming/beach at the resort?

    We are sooooo excited!!!!!!

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