Sweet Potato Success

I was so excited to introduce Emily to sweet potatoes since my mom says that they were my favorite as a baby, and I still love them now. I hoped she would like them as much as I do, or at least better than she liked the avocados. And not only does she like them, she loves them! If I don’t get them into her mouth fast enough she starts grunting at me to hurry up. It is so much fun feeding her now that she enjoys  it and actually knows what to do with the food that is going into her mouth.




I also wanted to tell you that if you are thinking about making your own baby food, you definitely should! I love it and I would recommend it to every mom, whether you work or stay home. There is an excellent website called Wholesome Baby Food which has baby food recipes and food charts to show you which foods are appropriate for babies at every age.

kitchenaidI have one of these that I use to puree the food. The sweet potatoes were super easy. I just popped them in the oven for 30 minutes, scooped them into the food processor with a little squirt of breastmilk to thin it out, and voila! Baby food! I fed some to Emily then, and I put the rest into ice cube trays and froze them for later. The avocado was even easier than that since it didn’t have to be cooked (bananas don’t get cooked either!).

I save a lot of money this way too. For what it would have cost to buy 2 jars of sweet potatoes, I made 12 cubes (plus the 1 serving Emily ate then) which equaled 7 servings. I’ve made bananas too already and for the price of one jar, I made about 20 cubes! Making baby food is super easy and super cheap, so it seems silly not to make it myself.

Up next we are trying squash, and then green beans. Then we move on to fruits – yummy!


2 thoughts on “Sweet Potato Success

  1. Awww… Emily looks like she really enjoyed the sweet potatoes!!! Way to go with making your own baby food- I bet it’s healthier than the jar food. She looks so interested in those potatoes!!! I like your idea of pureeing your own food. That’s what they said my husbands Mother did. She did it with meat too b/c he wouldn’t eat meat unless she ground it up in the food processer. Great idea!
    Donna & Dylan

  2. Thats good to know about the food processor. I’ve been looking into different blenders and what not to get ready for that stage. You have great ideas!

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