Avocado? No Way!

Emily tried her first food (besides cereal) on Monday. We went with avocado since it doesn’t have to be cooked. I just scooped some out into a bowl, mushed it up with the spoon a bit, and then the fun began! Ha! At first I think she was excited by the newness of it all, but then once she really got a taste of it, she was definitely not happy about it. So far, Emily is not a fan of avocados!

Emily 241

Emily 235

Emily 240

She’s tried them every day since Monday, but each day she likes them less and less. And I can’t say that I blame her. I had never tasted avocado either and so I tried a bite – yuck! Oh well! We will try again later. Up next is sweet potatoes! I love sweet potatoes and my mom says that they were my favorite as a baby – I can’t wait to see if Em likes them too!


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