Pita Bread

*UPDATE: I found pita bread at Walmart today. It was hiding on the bottom shelf on the rack closest to the doughnuts. It wasn’t exactly out in the open – I had to look for it. I haven’t tried it yet, but it sure does look good!

Do you know of anywhere in Statesboro that sells pita bread? Because I don’t. And pita bread is good. And I want some. Help!


6 thoughts on “Pita Bread

  1. Hey Megan! I don’t have a schedule for this season, but I am trying to get a hold of one. Give me a few hours and I can answer your question. I think it opens at 9 or 10a and doesn’t stay open past about noon. It shuts down once the crowd dies. It is worth going. You may also want to check out Adcote Farms. He has a website. Oh, actually he usually comes to the market. Regina Walker from Walker Farms is also usually there. You can google either of those places for more info. It’s fun to go on field trips to the farms, too. I made Beatrice’s food, too. I am so happy that I did. She prefers real foods to processed ones (usually) and I think that is why. It is so easy and cheap to do. You are such a fabulous mommy!

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