The Fourth and The Firsts

Whew! What a whirlwind weekend we had! I hope your 4th of July was as wonderful as ours! My mom, my sisters Makayla and Brianna, Emily and I spent 3 days at the Griner beach house on St. Simons Island. There was never a dull moment during our entire trip. It was the first time that Emily has been away from home overnight, and it was also her first time doing just about everything else that we did.

We went to the beach. SSL26935

We swung on the swings. SSL26940

We climbed trees.SSL26946

Emily got to go to the beach once the sun started going down.

SSL26974 She played in the sand and listened to the familiar sound of waves crashing on the shore, just like every other night (thanks to a sound machine in our room).

Emily wore her very first swimsuit for the very first time.

SSL26990 And she looked absolutely adorable!

She kicked her feet in the water, but it was a bit too cold for her liking.


We were able to find only one tree spirit, and realized that we are not very good at following directions. SSL27013

We visited the site of the Battle of Bloody Marsh,

SSL27016 and we went to Fort Frederica, but we didn’t go on the tour -I just had to use the facilities.

We walked on a trail in the woods which has some historic significance, just don’t ask me what.

SSL27017 And while we were walking, we found this:


We stopped for one more photographic opportunity before we headed across the street to the Christ Church (and the first and oldest church on the island).


And although the sign said that the church is open daily, it was definitely not open on that day. SSL27036

We drove to Sea Island, unaware that Sea Island is private and so we had to turn around at the gate.

We went to dinner at Barbara Jean’s, where Emily had a meltdown,


tasted cornbread, SSL27041

and went to sleep. SSL27045

Then we were off to the lighthouse lawn to see the fireworks. While we waited we played peek-a-boo. SSL27050

And when the fireworks started, Emily didn’t get scared like I thought she would, but she wasn’t exactly interested either. She watched them sporadically, but she was more interested in going to sleep.

The next day, we stopped here SSL27063


SSL27060 And we took this picture in which I think Emily looks JUST LIKE her Nana and her Great Granddaddy Otis.

Then we headed home, in the worst traffic that I have ever seen. We drove between 10 – 30 mph on I-95 for several miles. But we made it back, and although we were sad to leave, we have our hopes set upon going back someday soon.

We love St. Simons!


6 thoughts on “The Fourth and The Firsts

  1. Hi Megan, i came to your blog from your Mom’s. Your beach weekend sounds like you all had a wonderful time. I am very familiar with St Simons, my hubby n I have a winter place in Brunswick, we go over to St Simons quite a bit. We also love it. Little Emily is a cutie pie and growing so fast.

  2. Those are some great pics- I love your hair Megan!!! In some pics I think she looks more like you and then in some I think she looks more like Denny- so I’m torn! She def. has your Grandaddy’s expression in the last pic- too cute!

  3. oh my god – you are the best mother ever. i am so jealous of your super fun weekend! you make me wish for our first days with beatrice. i am glad that you all had a great time. maybe you and i and the kids can go back in the fall or spring – when it’s not so hot. oh, and mom got some new ac units that we have to put in. yay! it’s not so bad to rough it when you consider that the people at the King and prince pay around 300.00 a night per room for a bottem rate.

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