Dinner Time!

As soon as we left Dr. Z’s office yesterday, we went straight to Walmart to buy some of this!

 SSL27089 We could not wait to give it to Emily – we were so excited! We waited until the last feeding of the night, right before bed, in hopes that it would help her sleep longer than her usual 4 hours.




She was so funny about it – she didn’t really know what to do with it. At first she would push it all out of her mouth with her tongue, but then she started sucking it off of the spoon! She tried grabbing the spoon and the bowl, so it was kinda hard to feed her, but she ended up eating about half of it. I think she really liked it! Plus, she slept for 7 straight hours last night – nice! I can’t wait to give her more tonight!


5 thoughts on “Dinner Time!

  1. They have cereal feeders, with nipples. That’s how I always gave it to ya’ll. Right before bedtime. Worked like a charm to help ya’ll sleep.

  2. Well Dr. Z said to avoid the feeder and give it to her with a spoon so she can get used to eating off a spoon faster. Cereal bottles are the debil these days.

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