Month 4

Dear Emily,

One word sums it all up – WOW. This has been quite a month for you! You have grown and developed more in this month than the past 3 combined, I think. And I have developed the knowledge of knowing exactly what all of your cries mean. Even better than that, I now know what you need or want before you ever start crying! I think I finally have you all figured out! Now if I could just press “pause” and keep you like you are right now for just a little bit longer……

But at the same time, I am so eager for you to grow and learn even more new things. The one thing that I am most looking forward to is you reaching for me to pick you up, and that should be happening in the next month or two! It might happen sooner than I think because in just this past week, you have been reaching for everything. SSL26760

You have begun reaching for the toy bar on your swing and the toys on your floor mat. You reach for toys that I hold up in front of you, and of course you try to grab anything and everything that I have in my hands. Most often this is my water bottle, and I have started letting you “taste” my water sometimes! I think you like it too, because you always reach out and try to get more!

It was this month that you had your first tastes of foods too, since you are so curious about the foods that Daddy and I eat. You always try to grab the food off of our plates if one of us is holding you while we eat. So far you have tasted a pickle, creamed corn, green bean “juice” and peas off the tip of my finger. Daddy has given you ice a few times, and you love it!


You are definitely interested in foods, and we might start feeding you solids soon since you are now old enough. We just need the ok from Dr. Z when we go to your appointment on Monday!

At your appointment we will also find out how much you weigh now, and I am pretty sure that you will be higher up on the percentile charts than you were last time. You are getting to be so heavy, and sometimes your weight surprises me when I pick you up. You are very long, too. You have outgrown your 3 month sized clothes, and even some of your 6 month pieces are too short already! I think you are going to be tall like daddy!

In June you had a lot of firsts. A LOT. You went on your first trip to South Carolina (the 2nd state that you have visited so far!) to go Father’s Day shopping for daddy. You went to Merrywood Baptist church and we have been every week since then, but you are not really a fan yet. Church is right in the middle of nap time, and you are super fussy if you don’t get to go to sleep. You went to your Great Grandmama’s house for the first time, and also to Vidalia and to see her friend Ruth. SSL26693

You rode in GG’s car for the first time last weekend when she picked us up to go shopping in Savannah with her. And while we were there you sat in an Exersaucer for the first time at Target – and you loved it!


You went to Leapin’ Lizards and slid down the slides and played with a ball.

SSL26896    SSL26878

And I finally got the first picture of your bald spot!


You found your feet for the first time on the 8th, and ever since then they have been like magnets to your hands. Every chance you get, you grab those feet and try to put them in your mouth.

SSL26698   SSL26701

It was while you were holding your feet that you rolled over the first time on the 17th. You rolled from your back to your stomach,

SSL26732  SSL26731

which is the opposite of normal, but later in the same day you rolled from your stomach to your back!

SSL26735    SSL26737

I tried to get a video of you rollin’ around, but my camera would not cooperate.

We also had a few disappointments this month. Well, Daddy and I did. You don’t seem to mind that you have started waking up in the middle of the night to eat! I was so spoiled since you had been sleeping for 9 straight hours, and now you only sleep 4-5 hours at a time! Most nights you will go right back to sleep, but there have been a few times that you stayed awake for up to 2 hours playing. I just leave you lying in the bed between Daddy and I and go back to sleep – until you bop me on the nose or giggle loudly enough to wake me up. I so hope that this gets better soon!

I am also disappointed that you have started becoming scared of men that you don’t see very often. You cried when Papa Scott was holding you a few weeks ago, last weekend you got scared of Uncle Dell, and last night you cried when Great Uncle Clisby held you. I was hoping that you wouldn’t go through that stage, but at least you don’t do that with everybody!

There is one person that you love to see everyday – yourself! When you see that baby in the mirror you start laughing and cooing and it is just the sweetest thing. Sometimes you get shy and turn your head, and it is so cute that it makes me melt! You also treat your daddy differently than anyone else – you flirt with him! It is the cutest thing I have ever seen, and he eats it up!

The only other thing that upsets me about you is that you are turning into a monster. Yes, a for real monster. You have started growling and making the funniest faces, and if I growl back at you, you get even more worked up and begin growling louder and louder. At least you will be a cute monster.


See what I mean? What a month you had! Can you believe  we are already 1/3 of the way to your first birthday? Time goes by too fast my sweet little love, but I am still so excited to see what the next month has in store for you. I already know of a few firsts that you are going to experience this weekend and I can’t wait! I love you more than ever my little baby buns!

                                                                                           Love, Mommy


3 thoughts on “Month 4

  1. Megan she is just so beautiful!!! You are doing a great job with her! I’m so proud of you! I can’t tell you are an excellent Mom!!!

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