If I Had A Million Dollars….

Well, I really don’t need that much.

A few thousand would do.

I really, really, REALLY want to open up a cloth diaper store. Not an online store. An actual brick and mortar building, filled with all things cloth from wall to wall. I’ve even done my research. I’ve searched for a space, I’ve thought about names, I’ve looked into all of the IRS stuff, and I’ve even talked to a few wholesalers. There is such a need for one with the ever-increasing popularity of cloth diapers, and there isn’t one anywhere around! I think I would do a lot of business, especially since I wouldn’t have any competition.

Even Walmart.com and Target.com are selling cloth diapers nowadays. No, not the Gerber burp rag cloth diapers, actual cloth dipes. I’m talking BumGenius and Bumkins and Kushies. And if Walmart and Target are selling ’em, they must be the next big thing, right?

Oh, if I had some extra money lying around somewhere……

Actually, I do. I have more than enough to get a business up and running. Truth is I am scared.to.death. I have absolutely no business experience and my store would probably go down the pooper (get it? the pooper!)before it ever even opened.

What to do, what to do?


7 thoughts on “If I Had A Million Dollars….

  1. Is there somebody in the business that you can talk to? Or someone you trust that has started their own business and their fears in the beginning to ease yours some. That don’t sound right but maybe you know what I mean.

  2. I’ve done some consulting work for new businesses & if you ever want a hand or someone to do all the “back office” stuff let me know.

  3. got to talk about this. if you REALLY want to open it then i have a slew of ideas for you. i suck at a lot of things but small business is my expertise.

  4. Please do this. I would totally shop there. I mean I am excited about cloth diapering but I want to hold and feel and look at my purchases (yes i’m an old fart and rarely order things off the internet). It’s a great idea and an untapped market here. A few boutiques in town sell a small amount (Punch & Judy, Just for Baby). But a mecca of diapering – I think it’s a great idea. Good luck!

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