Avocado? No Way!

Emily tried her first food (besides cereal) on Monday. We went with avocado since it doesn’t have to be cooked. I just scooped some out into a bowl, mushed it up with the spoon a bit, and then the fun began! Ha! At first I think she was excited by the newness of it all, but then once she really got a taste of it, she was definitely not happy about it. So far, Emily is not a fan of avocados!

Emily 241

Emily 235

Emily 240

She’s tried them every day since Monday, but each day she likes them less and less. And I can’t say that I blame her. I had never tasted avocado either and so I tried a bite – yuck! Oh well! We will try again later. Up next is sweet potatoes! I love sweet potatoes and my mom says that they were my favorite as a baby – I can’t wait to see if Em likes them too!


Show Us Your Life

Kelly over at Kelly’s Korner had been doing “Show Us Where You Live”, but since my home is not decorated (besides Emily’s room and our bathrooms) I didn’t participate. Well she has moved on to “Show Us Your Life” and I am finally going to join in on the fun! Last Friday’s theme was wedding dresses, and although I am almost a week late, I can’t not post pictures of my dress! My dress (along with my cake) was my favorite thing about the whole day. Well, besides getting married of course!




Coming up tomorrow: Wedding parties and flowers!

No Time To Blog

Whew! This has been such a busy week. On Saturday we went to my Grandma’s 74th birthday party AND to Denny’s Granny’s birthday party. Which means that I spent all day Friday in the kitchen cooking for not one, but two events! Then on Sunday we went to church and spent the rest of the day at Denny’s parents’ house. There is something about his mama’s cooking that makes us lazy with a capitol “L” for the rest of the day.

Monday was spent in Savannah, and then Tuesday and Wednesday Emily and I have been home, but she has just been so clingy lately that I cannot get out of her eyesight! She wants me to hold her all the time, and I just refuse to do so, so let me say that there have been a lot of tears shed lately – by both of us.

I have missed blogging so much! And since Emily is finally content for a few minutes, I am going to try to catch up a bit! Hang on, there is more on the way!


*Update: For those of you who are wondering, Liza commented on this post that mentions her!

*This has absolutely nothing to do with this post, but I just have to say that Oh. My. Gosh. Liza Elliott-Ramirez just left me a comment! She commented on my blog! Hello! She is famous! Oh, this has just made my day!

Ahem. So as the title would have you believe, yes I am torn. I just got news that I was not accepted for the teaching position I interviewed for on Friday. I am disappointed, but at the same time, I am at peace. It would have been fun to have my own classroom in a brand spankin’ new building, with newly painted walls to decorate to my liking. It would have been great to have students of my own to get to know and teach new things to on a daily basis.  It would have been nice to get a break from the spit-up, poopy diapers and Em’s napping strike.

But then there’s the other hand. It would have been hard to be apart from Emily five days out of every week. It would have been a pain in the butt boob to pump enough milk for her day after day after day. And even though there is a possibility that I will be offered a position as a permanent substitute, I can’t stop the battle that rages on inside of me – the decision of whether I should stay home or go to work.

I prayed about the job, and I was ready to accept whatever decision was made for me. So now the next decision is entirely up to me. Do I substitute like I did last year, with the ability to call the shots and decide when to work and when to stay home? Or do I pursue my dream of a retail store? I got good news from the business counselor at my meeting on Monday, and all signs point in that direction. But the time that it would take to get my store up and running will most likely mean more hours away from Emily than teaching would.

I do want and need to be away from Emily some of the time. I need time for me, so that I can stay somewhat sane. Oh, what am I to do?

A New Outlook

You remember how I wanted to open up a cloth siaper store? Well, I still do, but you see, it’s not just a cloth diaper store. If I opened my store, I would carry cloth diapers and cloth diaper accessories, such as cloth wipes, wet bags and diaper pails, diaper sprayers, and laundry detergent. I would also like to carry breastfeeding and babywearing essentials, baby food making items, things for the mamas, as well as some clothes, gifts and books.

My mother also mentioned to me that her mother-in-law can embroider, so maybe I could bring her along on the ride with me and she can monogram bibs, burp cloths, blankets and onesies.

I would also love, love, love to have classes to teach people how to cloth diaper, how to wear their babies, how to make baby food, etc. and maybe even have LLL meetings someday! Of course my store will be breastfeeding friendly and will have an area for mothers to breastfeed in privacy and comfort.

But to make all of my dreams come true, I’m gonna need a lot of help. I have no clue how to start, or run, a business! That’s why I am going to meet with a SCORE counselor on Monday morning, so that they can send me off in the right direction! I am so excited about all of this, plus the Savannah Mall just announced that they are opening a new Marketplace! That might be just what I need to get started on my low (way low, almost nonexistent) budget.

I am still scared to death about it, but if it doesn’t work out, I can always fall back on teaching, right? Now I know what you’re about to say, but you won’t believe the news I just got………

I have an interview at Effingham County Middle School on Friday morning! So yeah, maybe I will get to use my degree after all.

Answered Prayers

I mentiond in my 4 month letter to Emily that we had started going to Merrywood Baptist Church here in Statesboro – and we love it! I think we have definitely found “our” church. I know that my mom and Grandma have both been praying for a while that we would start going to church somewhere, so there is one answered prayer. 

This past Sunday, I saw God answer another prayer right in front of me. I cannot go into any details, but just know that God is working on something very necessary and important to Denny and I, as well as many, many others. I am also quite certain that God has finally made a believer out of my husband. There have been many times that we have talked about God, church and religion, but it wasn’t until the events that occured on Sunday that Denny understood how real God is. In the words (well, it’s actually just one word) of Madea, “Hallelujer”!

Although we don’t always understand everything that happens in our lives,  there is a reason for everything.

Pregnancy, Labor, Birth and Babies – What Nobody Else Will Tell You

Part 2: Labor

  • Labor is nothing to be afraid of. If you dread it and worry about all of the “what ifs”, you will probably have a terrible experience. But if you just think positively and let your body do what it was made to do (and knows how to do), things will most likely go smoothly.
  • Like pregnancy, labor is different for every woman. You might be in labor for 2 hours (lucky you). You might be in labor for 2 days (God forbid). There is no way to tell, so just try to relax, and go with the flow.
  • In my opinion, contractions don’t really hurt that bad. I can think of several things that I imagine would hurt worse – broken bones, burns, cutting off your finger with a chainsaw, etc. It’s the Ring of Fire that you have to worry about if you choose to go the natural route (more about that in Part 3). Actually, it’s more of a feeling of pressure than pain. The contractions come and they go, so you won’t be in constant pain – there will be breaks in between and you will feel completely normal and pain free during these times. And if you choose to get an epidural, you will be totally pain free! But there are risks with epidurals, and they don’t always work. You will have to be catheterized and you will be unable to walk for a while after the baby is born (no, it doesn’t magically wear off the second the kid is out). Epidural babies are also less alert and their sucking is affected, which affects breastfeeding and latching on.
  • That due date that is circled in red on your calendar? You can count on that being the one day that you most likely won’t go into labor. Only 3% of babies are born on their due dates. And over 50% are born 1 week later!
  • And really, what is 1 more week when you have already waited for 40? You can do it. I promise, that baby will come out eventually. Which leads me to say……
  • Labor works best when it starts on its own – not when it is induced. Inductions often do not work and end in a C-section. Pitocin causes contractions to be irregular and stronger than normal, so if you are hoping to go drug-free, an induction will have you begging for that Epidural. Please, please, please educate yourself about your options. Your body (not your doctor) knows when it is the right time! Whats the rush? By the way, after that baby is has been out for a while, you will be wishing and praying to God that somebody will stick it back in!
  • And don’t let your research end there. Educate yourself about ALL of your options. A lot of things that are routinely done in hospitals are unnecessary and can be avoided. Example: do you know why you are not allowed to eat or drink while in labor? Because back in the day when women were knocked out during their labors, somebody threw up and got choked on her vomit because she was unconscious and could not turn her head to get it out of her mouth. So from then on, no more ingesting during labor! How ridiculous. These days, women are awake the whole time – so no need to not eat and drink! Besides, you will need your energy when it comes time to push (but then again, that’s why they give you an unnecessary IV – so that they can pump liquid energy into you).
  • If you do plan a natural birth, you can leave the games, magazines, laptop and DVDs at home. You won’t be needing any of those, and if someone else dares to entertain themselves in your presence while you writhe in pain, you might not be the only one in need of medical assistance.
  • Water works wonders.
  • The car ride to the hospital or birth center will be the longest, most uncomfortable ride of your life. You will be the world’s worst road raging backseat driver, so it’s best to just close your eyes and focus on your body – not the road. Contractions are twice as bad when you can’t get up and walk around.

Side note: Can you tell that I am not a fan of doctors and hospitals? Yeah, I thought it might be a bit obvious. But please do not think that I think that I am somehow “better” than anyone who has has a hospital birth with medication. Each woman is entitled to make her own decisions regarding her baby and her body, and I will not judge any woman for how she decides to labor (although I myself have been deemed crazy more than a few times). I just hope that each woman knows all of the facts before she decides which route is for her.

And now, a list of things that will not get that baby out any faster. Well, they didn’t work for me, so they probably won’t work for you, either.

  • The clock striking midnight on your due date will not make you go into labor.
  • Being sick and tired of being pregnant will not make you go into labor (although when you are sick and tired of being sick and tired of being pregnant and you have a meltdown in the shower and beg God to please get this baby out of me now! it just might happen. It did in fact work for me, but by that time the baby was 6 days past due, so maybe my meltdown didn’t have anything to do with it after all).
  • Walking (even for hours at a time) will not make you go into labor.
  • Having lots and lots of sex will not make you go into labor (although it will help ripen your cervix and could stimulate contractions – so it can happen, just don’t count on it. Timing is everything).
  • Nipple stimulation will not make you go into labor, which is a good thing since your baby daddy won’t be willing to touch your leaky nipples. (Let me be a bit more clear; nipple stimulation can trigger labor if you have constant stimulation for 3 or more hours. Personally, I’d rather just wait it out.)
  • Eating fresh pineapple will not make you go into labor.
  • Riding along bumpy dirt roads and across plowed fields will not make you go into labor.
  • A death in the family will not make you go into labor.
  • Your father being 3 hours away at your family member’s funeral will not make you go into labor.
  • Packing your hospital bag will not make you go into labor.
  • Washing, re-washing, organizing and re-organizing every piece of itty bitty baby clothing will not make you go into labor.
  • Drinking teas and taking herbs will not make you go into labor.
  • A full moon will not make you go into labor.
  • A drop in the barometric pressure might or might not make you go into labor. That happened a few times in the days before Emily’s birth, but I don’t believe that had anything to do with it.

And my last piece of advice is this: If you do not wish to notify family members about the impending birth until you know for sure that it is time and you want them to stay home until you call them right before the birth – do not under any circumstances post that you are having contractions on your blog! There are no secrets on the internet!