I Forgot To Mention

It was my previous post (that maybe I should not have posted) that reminded me that I haven’t told you all about our latest Craigslist purchase (BTW, Craigslist is the debil). Remember that 30′ camper I mentioned being stuck in? Well, I was referring to our 30′ camper that we bought a week and a half ago (I’m behind in my blogging. So sue me).

It wouldn’t be so bad if I didn’t have a sneezing fit every time I walked through the door. I don’t know what kind of furry creatures the previous owners had in that thing, but we have contacted them and they assured us they never had any cats in there. Hmmm. What else am I allergic to then?

SSL26825 The kitchen

SSL26832 The magical table that turns into a bed

SSL26826 The couch, which also turns into a bed. And oh look! There’s Emily!

SSL26817 The bathroom is so small, this is the best picture I could get.

SSL26818 This teeny, tiny toilet is hilarious!

SSL26815 And look at this rug that I found at (gasp!) the dollar store! For $2.50! I guess my hatred for the dollar store is over now.

SSL26837 And here is the bed where the furry creature must have slept, because the sneezing multiplies by 10 if I even think about going near it.

I won’t tell you how much we piad for it, but the people who sold it to us must be idiots for letting it go for so little. We got the deal of the century on this one.

And while I am talking about Craigslist, I cannot believe that I did not know about this until last night!

Fullscreen capture 6302009 15931 PM

Seriously? I can see the pictures before I click on the item? Denny is so going to leave me to be with his Craigslist wife forever now, I’m sure. If you want this same magical experience to happen for you when you look at Craigslist, you can download the program here.


One thought on “I Forgot To Mention

  1. Oh my you have indroduced the debil’s little secret to me. You know I love my Craigslist too but they have made it easier…..thank goodness.

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