Does This Cloth Diaper Make My Butt Look Big?

Uh, no, Emily. Not at all.

Ok, ok, yes it does.

So yes, the cloth diapers are a bit bulky, but not too bulky. Her clothes still fit the same, so no worries about that. My only real complaint is the poops. Washing the poo out of a cloth diaper is not exactly my idea of fun, but with the sprayer, it’s not so bad. The high pressure shoots all of the poo right off! And if it is a really, really bad poop, I go outside and spray the diaper off with the hose. I guess it’s a good thing we don’t have (close) neighbors. I have found that if I don’t wash the diaper out immediately, but let it sit for a few minutes (but not too long), the messes are a lot easier to clean up. Plus, Emily only goes Number 2 once or twice a week now, so I don’t have very many dirty diapers to deal with.

Oh, one more negative. The covers that I ordered first were nothing like I expected them to be. They don’t even look the same as the picture of them on the website (I guess I should have contacted the company to complain, huh?). They are not white, but printed, and the prints on them are ug-ly. One has balloons, one has animals, and one has pastel colored zebra stripes that might have looked good in 1994. They are supposed to fit a 10-22 pound baby, but they are still way too big for Emily. To keep them from leaking, I have to roll the back down to make them smaller and fit more snugly. And the worst part of all is that they are cheap and falling apart. One of them is already completely torn apart and unusable, and the other two are on their way out. This, however, is my fault. I didn’t read reviews on these, and I bought the absolute cheapest covers available. The moral of the story: You get what you pay for.

I have since ordered more covers, and this time, I did my research. I went on several review sites to find the highest rated covers. And I tried to buy only neutral colors so that my future babies can use them too if they are boys, but the flower one was just too darn cute not to buy. (Yes, I said babies. Plural.) I decided to buy two Thirsties covers, 


1 Bummis cover, product_image

and 1 Wonder Wraps cover (the purple one). wonder_wraps_sizing

The Thirsties had the highest rating, and I am super excited about the Wonder Wraps cover because it is one-size fits all! If I like it, I will probably just buy more of those and re-sell my other covers on a used diaper auction site. I also bought 3 more BumGenius diapers (and the last ones that I ever plan to buy. Well, this time around anyway) since they are easiest to use when Emily is away from home. We also only use BG overnight, since they are great at keeping moisture away from Emily’s bottom. But the best thing about BG diapers is that they DO NOT leak poop. No matter how much poo Emily has, it all stays in somehow, and that is what makes them worth every penny. All 1,795 of them.

We’ve been cloth diapering for about 2 months now, and I really do like it. It’s not that much work. I just rinse the diapers in the sink, toss them in a bucket in the bathroom, and when I have a load, I dump them in the washer. Seriously, it might take 3 extra minutes a day to deal with than disposables would. And as I’m sure you already know, they are environmentally friendly. No diapers are going into a landfill from this house anymore! I feel good about it, since I am starting to become more aware of All Things Green (I am planning on getting some recycling bins for our house very soon!).

Using cloth diapers has saved us a lot of money too. Since Emily was born, I have spent $155 on diapers, counting what I spent on the new batch of diapers and covers that I have not yet received.  Still, that’s not bad, considering that is all of the money that I plan to spend on diapers. Forever! Most of the disposables that we used were given to us, and many of the cloth diapers were gifts too!

Before I decided to buy more BGs and more covers, I tried a cloth diaper that I found on Etsy for $8. I don’t really like the Etsy diaper, but only because it has wings, and not tabs. The wing closures pull away and are hard to keep fastened, and Emily can take this diaper off if she doesn’t have clothes on. The tabs, on the other hand, stay put with no problem. (I don’t know if I am using the correct terminology here, so here is a picture so you can see what I mean.)

SSL26716The diaper on the left is the Etsy diaper, and it has fabric at the closure, which I call “wings”. The diaper on the right is a BumGenius, and there is no fabric at the closure, only the Aplix “tabs”.

The advantages of cloth diapering totally outweigh the disadvantages for us. Like I already mentioned, it is cheap! And environmentally friendly! And another thing which most people probably don’t think about (I know I didn’t) is the comfort factor. Do you and I wear disposable, paper and plastic underwear? No! We wear cotton – because it is comfy! I have also done a lot of research about the health benefits of cloth diapers vs. disposables (yes, there are some) and as it turns out, cloth is way better! There are too many dangers from disposables to list here, but there are a few websites that I recommend you read. The New Parents’ Guide, Zany Zebra  and Better For Babies all have lots of information about the benefits of cloth diapering.

It looks like we are going to be cloth diapering until little Em is potty learned! We love, love, love it!


2 thoughts on “Does This Cloth Diaper Make My Butt Look Big?

  1. Thanks for the update! I really appreciate this. I still want to cloth diaper but haven’t figured out the cost-effectiveness if I have to buy disposables for day care. I’m sure it will still be worth it – and this really inspired me!

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