Emily, my mom, my sister and I went to visit with my Grandma last week. While we were there, Grandma suggested that we go visit her friend Ruth, so she could show Emily off to her (the rest of us no longer are important. Just kidding! No I’m not). As soon as we arrived at Mrs. Ruth’s house, I was struck by this woman and her quaint little country home. Mrs. Ruth is 84 years young, and she has the most amazing flower garden, and an even more incredible house. It’s the inspiration that I needed to get out my camera and take pictures – of a subject other than Emily – again. It’s one of those old houses full of character and charm – and it has the most unusual layout.  If there had been no furniture inside, I wouldn’t have known which room was which! Oh, how I wish that I could have a house (and a flower garden) like hers!











2 thoughts on “Ruth

  1. Those pics are AWESOME… usual! You are such a talented little photographer. Mrs. Ruth sounds like someone I would like to meet. I love her old cast iron sink. We found one around here and we made it into a fish cleaning station.

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