All of my life, I’ve tended to go against the grain. I’ve never been extremely interested in fitting in, or doing what was most popular just so that I could be “cool”. There have  been many times when I would not like something just because everyone else (and their mother) liked it. One example: Kid Rock and Cheryl Crow’s song “Picture”. Ugh. I still don’t like it , and everyone else that I know still does.

In all my 25 years, I have never once changed my mind or regretted my decisions on such matters. This is a good thing, as well as bad. Good, becuase it probably kept me out of a lot of trouble. Bad, because I might have missed out on something that I really would have liked.

Last week, I changed my mind for the first time about the most recent craze. Something that I swore I would not let myself get caught up in, much less get obsessed with. But in the past week, I have found myself floating in between the two worlds of fantasy and reality. I finally gave in, and there is no turning back. It has turned into an obsession. An infatuation. I can’t stop thinking about it. I have gone so far as to drag others along with me on this fairy tale journey, forcing them to do things they would not normally do.

You see, last week, I watched this:



Actually, I watched it twice, and I am currently begging Denny to watch it with me, just so I can see it again. I absolutely LOVE it!

I have also read the first two books, and I’m waiting on the third and fourth to become available at the library (I would have bought the third at Walmart when I bought the first two, but they were all sold out!)

I am officially smitten with Edward Cullen. Thank goodness he doesn’t really exist.


2 thoughts on “Obsession

  1. That is so funny! Now you know why I wouldn’t shut up about it. Is he dreamy or what?! So I guess I can count you in on November 20th when New Moon hits theaters. I KNOW I will be there if I have to stand up and watch it!! I’m so glad you finally watched it!!! I would like to read the books, but I refuse to know what will happen in the upcoming movies. So, sshh, don’t tell me!!! lol

  2. i haven’t seen this or read it – but i thought you might be interested in an online group – i think it is called book swappers or something – i will try to get the link for you -i don’t use it but i have mommy friends who do!

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