Month 3

Dear Emily,

Today you are 3 months old, and it is getting harder each day to remember how tiny you were when I first held you in my arms. It is even harder to remember what life was like before you arrived, and at times, it seems like you have always been here. Honestly, I don’t even want to remember what my life was like without you. I will admit that you are a lot of work, but you are totally worth it. 

You have gotten so big this month, and I am thrilled to see every new roll and crease on your pudgy little body. Last month you had me worried since you weren’t gaining weight like you should have, but I think that you have caught up now. You are outgrowing many of your clothes, but you can still fit into your newborn size onesies. Your newborn sleepers, however, have been too short for a long time, and you are almost too long now for your 3 month size jam-jams (that’s what we call your pajamas). I can tell that your feet are growing too, and soon you will be able to wear all of your cute shoes!

But I doubt that you will keep your shoes on, since you hate wearing socks. You hate wearing any clothes, and when we are home, I will often times let you lay on a waterproof pad – absolutely naked! I have learned (with help from your Nana) that you get hot easily, and you hate it. If you are having a fit and it’s not time to eat, it’s because you are hot. When we go off, I have to start the car a few minutes ahead of time and let it cool off before I strap you in your seat. And you absolutely love to be outside in the mornings before it gets hot. We have started going out and laying on a blanket in the shade soon after we get out of bed for the day.

When it is time to eat, you are still very impatient and you will scream your head off until you get your food. Sometimes you can get full in as little as 15 minutes, but sometimes you drag it out and eat for an hour. Usually when that happens, it’s because you are tired and you fall asleep when you finish. That would be great, except for the fact that I cannot put you down once you are asleep. If I want you to stay asleep, I have to lay down to feed you, and then surround you with pillows after I get up. And for some strange reason, this only happens with me. If your daddy, Granny, or Nana rock you to sleep, they can put you down with no problems at all. But if I try it, you wake right up! Silly girl.

We do have somewhat of a routine now, thank goodness. Our days are usually predictable, and they start around 7:15 when daddy’s alarm goes off. You take an early morning nap, an afternoon nap, and then an evening nap. You eat exactly every 3 hours, and you go to sleep between 10:00 and 10:30 at night. And you sleep through the night! For 9 hours!

In a few weeks you have gone from being a newborn to being a big girl. You have mastered holding up your head, and you can now sit in your Bumbo like a big girl! SSL26365

You have found your hands, and most of the time they are in your mouth. SSL26352

You love to look at them, and you have learned how to grab things and hold onto them. SSL26384

Your favorite thing to touch is your hair – you always rub your hair when you are eating and sometimes when you are going to sleep. On our last trip to Walmart, I showed you a vibrating pink poodle that you immediately grabbed onto. You held it the entire time we were there, and when we got to the register I had to pry it from your death grip so the cashier could scan it. You love that poodle. Emily 126

You’ve also gotten better at tummy time, and you actually enjoy it now – for a few minutes. Emily 193

You seem to get bored easily. Maybe that means you are going to be smart. Whoa! I just realized that you get that from me! I’m the same way.

This month held a lot of firsts for you. You attended your first concert (Uncle Michael’s chorus concert), you went to your first graduation (Uncle Michael graduated from high school!), Emily 154

and you had your first trip out of state! That’s right, you went all the way to Florida. And as badly as I wanted to get a picture of you beside the “Welcome to Florida” sign, we couldn’t because it was on a bridge. I did however take a picture of a gift shop on the state line, so here’s the proof that you visited the Sunshine State! SSL26385

I worked for most of the month, and although it was nice to have a break, I really, really missed you. A lot more than I thought I would. I am so glad that school is out for the summer and I get to spend all (well, not all. I still need a break every now and then) of my time with you! We are going to have a wonderful fourth month and a fabulous summer! Emily 143

I love you my sweet, funny, adorable, loving, beautiful baby girl!


4 thoughts on “Month 3

  1. I love the one in the sunglasses!!! I also she her chewing on the little froggie
    Me and Dylan gave her!!! I see one of your Grandma Kersey too… that’s so sweet!!! She is a beautiful girl and I know you’re proud of her!

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