Material Girls

Summer heat is upon us, and I am in a predicament: I have nothing to wear. All of my summer clothes are either too small for my lactating bosoms, too revealing for someone who is now a mother to wear, or as is most often the case, both. In an attempt to find something cool and classy to wear, Emily and I hit the mall this week. Now first of all, let me explain our mall to those of you who are not familiar with Statesboro. Our mall is more commonly referred to as the “Small”. Our mall has 2 department stores (JC Penney and Belk), a Bath and Body Works, Hallmark, a shoe store, a jewelry store, a Rue 21, and a few places to eat. There used to be a Goody’s but they went down the pooper a few months back.

So anyway, that leaves me with JC Penney and Belk. I had a few Belk gift cards, so we went there first. After trying on about 20 shirts, I bought this. pink tank top Very plain, very boring, but at least it does the job.

I hadn’t planned on shopping for Emily that day, but I always check her department just in case there is a sale. And guess what? There was! Emily got these:

outfit 1

outfit 2

outfit 3

How cute! Then it was on to JC Penney. I usually don’t have much luck there, but I decided to give it a try anyway. Strikeout! I didn’t even find anything to try on. It was all ugly and way too revealing. But Emily found 1 more outfit!

outfit 4I love Carter’s clothes! Everything that she got that day was Carter’s, and when we got home, we had a coupon in the mail for $10 off of our next purchase at the Carter’s Outlet. They are having a 50% – 70% off clearance sale right now too! Oh my goodness, I cannot wait to go!

And hopefully I will find something for myself soon. My mom told me that she always shops at Cato, but I’ve never been there. She showed me the website and they have some really cute clothes – for cheap! I hope Emily likes to shop as much as I do, because we are going to be doing some major shopping in the next few weeks. We have to find clothes for me, a gift for my sister’s birthday, and of course Father’s Day gifts for the new dad and Em’s grandfathers. Watch out malls, here we come!

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One thought on “Material Girls

  1. Welcome to the days of no longer being able to shop for yourself. You will find from now on that everytime you need something you will come back with tons of stuff for the little one….and even the husband sometimes…but nothing for you. Must me another one of those motherhood things.

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