Mother’s Day

I’m almost a week late with this post. I don’t have time for anything anymore! I’m at school until 3:30, and then I’m off to get Emily, then feed her, do a few things around the house, feed Emily again, cook, eat, get Emily ready for bed, put her to bed, get a shower, and then go to bed myself. Whew! Just thinking about all of that makes me tired!

So, how was your Mother’s Day? Wonderful, I hope. Mine was great!

Emily made me the sweetest card! She found a poem online, printed it out, cut it into a heart shape, and colored it. Then she addressed it to “The Best Mama”, and wrote “I love you mom”!!  And her Daddy only helped her a little bit!

Ok, so he did it all. But she was with him while he was doing it, and he did say that she picked out the poem.

Ok, so I’m lying about that too.

But it was the sweetest thing ever! That’s all that I needed for Mother’s Day. It was more than enough to warm my heart and make me feel special, needed, and loved.

My Mother’s Day was awesome!

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. I got a present too. I got this!



An iPod touch! Too bad I’m too busy to use it.


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