After reading your comments about the magical powers of Oxi Clean, I remembered hearing that Oxi Clean is just peroxide with added detergent (and expense). Since I am full of The Cheap, I tried soaking a onesie in water with a bit of peroxide and guess what? It worked! No more poop stains! I was afraid that it might make the colors fade, but it didn’t at all. So you can quit wasting your money now and bust out that bottle of H202!


2 thoughts on “FYI

  1. I had read that, but peroxide was a way of bleaching ladies hair back in the 60’s and I cannot get over it….and I always fear splotchy laundry…and OMG if it happened to my fashion horse (son)……glad it is works, it is OKAY to be watchful of the penny, they come hard and they go fast!!
    sorry to hear about your little sister….hope she will feels better soooon.
    I love garage sales!! sometimes I see nothing I would have…. but tomorrow is the Fordham reunion at UBCBC….around 11, come let us all ooohhhh and ahhhhhh, everyone will want to hold her!! and we will pay some attention to you too!!!!! promise!
    Pembroke has their big yard sale downtown in the Saturday morning!
    later!!, Rhonda

  2. Omigosh thanks! I buy it at Fred’s for like $2.50/bottle but go through that in a week maybe 2. Thanks for the tip I’m gonna save tons now.

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