It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s a Space Station!

Well I just saw something that I’ve never seen before! What’s that, you ask? The International Space Station just zoomed by in the night sky! It was absolutely amazing, and super fast. It was gone within a few minutes. It was visible last night too, but we forgot to go outside and look. It will be visible again tomorrow night too. You can go to NASA’s ISS Viewing website to look up a viewing schedule for your area. If you live in the Statesboro area, it will be visible at 9:30 tomorrow night. You should check it out!


Material Girls

Summer heat is upon us, and I am in a predicament: I have nothing to wear. All of my summer clothes are either too small for my lactating bosoms, too revealing for someone who is now a mother to wear, or as is most often the case, both. In an attempt to find something cool and classy to wear, Emily and I hit the mall this week. Now first of all, let me explain our mall to those of you who are not familiar with Statesboro. Our mall is more commonly referred to as the “Small”. Our mall has 2 department stores (JC Penney and Belk), a Bath and Body Works, Hallmark, a shoe store, a jewelry store, a Rue 21, and a few places to eat. There used to be a Goody’s but they went down the pooper a few months back.

So anyway, that leaves me with JC Penney and Belk. I had a few Belk gift cards, so we went there first. After trying on about 20 shirts, I bought this. pink tank top Very plain, very boring, but at least it does the job.

I hadn’t planned on shopping for Emily that day, but I always check her department just in case there is a sale. And guess what? There was! Emily got these:

outfit 1

outfit 2

outfit 3

How cute! Then it was on to JC Penney. I usually don’t have much luck there, but I decided to give it a try anyway. Strikeout! I didn’t even find anything to try on. It was all ugly and way too revealing. But Emily found 1 more outfit!

outfit 4I love Carter’s clothes! Everything that she got that day was Carter’s, and when we got home, we had a coupon in the mail for $10 off of our next purchase at the Carter’s Outlet. They are having a 50% – 70% off clearance sale right now too! Oh my goodness, I cannot wait to go!

And hopefully I will find something for myself soon. My mom told me that she always shops at Cato, but I’ve never been there. She showed me the website and they have some really cute clothes – for cheap! I hope Emily likes to shop as much as I do, because we are going to be doing some major shopping in the next few weeks. We have to find clothes for me, a gift for my sister’s birthday, and of course Father’s Day gifts for the new dad and Em’s grandfathers. Watch out malls, here we come!

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I’m Still Here

No, I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth. I’m still here. I am just finding that now that I’m not working and I’m home all day, I have less time to myself than I did when I was working. Hmm. Imagine that. I have a lot of catching up to do, so lots of blogs are on the way! Don’t give up on me!

American Idol

In the mid to late 90’s, when people still listened to cassette tapes, I would sit in my room listening to the radio, waiting for my favorite song(s) to play. There was always a blank tape in the stereo, and as soon as the latest hit came over the speakers, I pressed “record”. Instant mixtape!

I never bought music. I didn’t have money to buy tapes or CDs. I was too young to (legally) work, and any money that I did acquire went toward buying much more important things, like compacts and glittery lip gloss.

And even now, when I can afford to buy music, I still don’t. Every CD that I own was either gifted to me or is one that I made from the songs I’ve downloaded illegally at no cost onto my computer. With the exception of two Britney Spears CDs and Nirvana’s greatest hits. Those I actually went to the store and bought. Because, hello? It’s Nirvana! And Britney! (Old Britney, by the way. Hit Me Baby One more Time, Britney. When She Was Actually Entertaining, Britney).

Last night was the FIRST TIME that I watched American Idol this season. And aside from last season (what was I thinking?) it was the only time I’ve ever watched it. Seriously, Denny and I are like, the only 2 people we know that don’t watch it. Even his dad watches it. And if you know me IRL (In Real Life), you are probably peeing your pants right now at the picture forming in your head of Dennis tuning in to American Idol.

So since AI is everywhere and is all that anyone can talk about, I decided to see what exactly all of this Adam Lambert fuss was all about. And I only knew his name because they talk about him and his sexual orientation (which has nothing to do with one’s ability  to sing, by the way) nonstop on the radio. (I still can’t tell you the other guy’s name. Chris? Kris?)

As I’m cooking my chicken alfredo (from scratch!) and listening to Adam sing some song about the world?, I couldn’t help but wonder why everyone likes him so much. Is it just me? Or is this guy really a terrible singer? Is all of the hoopla surrounding him only about his possible gay-ness? Because although it shouldn’t matter, his gay-ness (or lack thereof) might sadly be the deciding factor in this competition. In my opinion, his voice is just not that great. He doesn’t have my vote (if I voted, which I totally don’t).  

The other guy – Kris Allen – I looked it up, is actually much, much better. Did you hear him sing Ain’t No Sunshine? Huh? Did you? Cause if you didn’t, you really missed out. And if you did, then Oh My God. Amazing, right?

So my point in all of this is, if this Kris Allen does win, (or most likely not. That darned skinny jeans wearing, black eyeliner smudging, crazy haircut having, Adam Lambert!) I would totally buy his CD.

But not if his first single is that “No Boundaries” song. Because, hello? That is one of the worst songs ever! Why does every AI winner’s song have to be sappy and emotional and sunshine and rainbows and dreams come true? Why can’t it be real? Like something that the winner would actually normally sing? It’s career suicide before their career even starts!

Couch Potatoes

Emily and I are having an affair – with the television. After working all week, all I wanted to do this weekend was hang out on the couch with Emily and do nothing. And that’s just what we did.

For the first (and hopefully last) time ever, I watched Hannah Montana. And it was actually funny. I think I like it.

No, I’m not kidding! It really is good. But I cannot let myself watch it anymore. It’s really, really not good for me.

But neither is Keeping Up With The Kardashians or The Girls Next Door, but I watch those shows religiously these days.

Hey, what’s wrong with watching a show about girls who are my age that date an 83 year old man? Oh, you think it’s weird and gross? Well, I guess it is, but it sure is entertaining. And that Khloe Kardashian is hilarious!

I have also gotten back into baseball because there is nothing else to watch on Sundays. Or now that I think about it, that is the case every day. Anyway, when I was in high school, I watched baseball every day. If there wasn’t a Braves game on, I would watch whatever other teams were playing. I memorized the line-up, I knew the stats, and I actually understood all of the terminology and baseball jargon. It made sense to me, and it gave me a connection to my dad. And let’s face it, that’s about all we had.

There were many nights that I was lulled to sleep by the announcers’ steady, soothing voices. And it was those Atlanta Braves that I stayed up to watch on the night my sister was born. The night that I stayed up and fixed my hair and applied make-up after my shower, because I knew that she was coming. Me and baseball, we go way back.

I’m not proud of my tv addiction, but since I am not at all an outdoors-y person, what else can I do in my spare time?

The solution: Go outside anyway!

I have got to get out of the house! I need to plant flowers, go for walks, go swimming, and lay in the sun. And not just for me. I need to do it for Emily. I need to get her out of the house too. I need to show her that exercise is important and fresh air is refreshing and relaxing. She needs to know that a life spent in front of the television is no life at all. And I need to do all of this NOW, before it’s too late.

You see, over the weekend, we had a discovery. By chance, we found out that Emily is mesmerized by the tv. If she catches a glimpse of it, she is fixated, caught in a trance. She loves it. She loves the colors and the movement and especially the music. And I’m ashamed to admit this, but once I knew that the tv would keep her entertained for a bit, I stuck her in her swing to get some cleaning done. It was only 30 minutes, and she was watching the Little Einsteins, but I still feel guilty.

It’s just so hard to go outside in the evenings. It is already hotter than seven hells outside, the mosquitoes would carry her off, and the rain! It never stops these days. I was going to take her to the pool this weekend, but she is too young to be in the sun. So I was going to go in the evening, but then it rained. I can’t win for losing! So what can I do? What can I do with a 2 1/2 month old to get her away from the tv? I feel like she gets bored, even though she is probably plenty stimulated just by looking around at this point. I sing to her, I read to her, I show her toys, but I feel like it all gets old after a while. So please, do tell me, what else can I do?

Mother’s Day

I’m almost a week late with this post. I don’t have time for anything anymore! I’m at school until 3:30, and then I’m off to get Emily, then feed her, do a few things around the house, feed Emily again, cook, eat, get Emily ready for bed, put her to bed, get a shower, and then go to bed myself. Whew! Just thinking about all of that makes me tired!

So, how was your Mother’s Day? Wonderful, I hope. Mine was great!

Emily made me the sweetest card! She found a poem online, printed it out, cut it into a heart shape, and colored it. Then she addressed it to “The Best Mama”, and wrote “I love you mom”!!  And her Daddy only helped her a little bit!

Ok, so he did it all. But she was with him while he was doing it, and he did say that she picked out the poem.

Ok, so I’m lying about that too.

But it was the sweetest thing ever! That’s all that I needed for Mother’s Day. It was more than enough to warm my heart and make me feel special, needed, and loved.

My Mother’s Day was awesome!

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. I got a present too. I got this!



An iPod touch! Too bad I’m too busy to use it.

Angels in Disguise

Sometimes people come into our lives, and we don’t realize how lucky we are to have them. Well, I did know, but since I haven’t seen this person in over a year, I sort of forgot how special she is. I was reminded yesterday.

When I got home, there was a box waiting for me. I knew that this box was coming, but I didn’t know when, and I didn’t know what was inside.

It was like Christmas, my birthday, and a trip to Disney World all wrapped up in one small brown package.

I laughed so hard that I almost cried when I saw what was inside.

There was one of these:


One of these:


One of these:




And this:


Excited, thrilled, and ecstatic don’t even begin to describe how I felt. I am the luckiest girl in the world.

I was so excited that I put the pink diaper on Emily before I even washed it because I just could not wait to use it! And it was adorable! And it fit perfectly! And I just might have to buy some more (but don’t tell Denny).

So thank you, thank you, 1 million times thank you, Becki. I bet you had no idea that diapers could make a girl so happy.

Oh, and Becki, we have to get together soon! I miss you like crazy and Emily needs to meet you! Please!