She’s a Very Stinky Girl

And yes, the poop does sometimes go from her head down to her toenails.

 Does anyone know how to get a poop stain out of a onesie? How about once it’s been dried and is set in? Is there any hope, or is it a goner? Cause Emily (who takes after her father in this area) has ruined almost half of her newborn sized wardrobe. Which isn’t such a big deal, since she has almost outgrown all of those clothes, but I was hoping to save them for future babies. Any advice?


3 thoughts on “She’s a Very Stinky Girl

  1. Try some Oxy. That stuff works wonders on everything.
    Just fill the sink up with hot water, add a scoop of Oxy, add the onesies & let them sit for however long you want (over 20 minutes). And wala it will be all back to white…or whatever color. Yes you can use on colors.

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