Misery Loves Company

And I thought that I was miserable during the last few weeks of my pregnancy. That was nothing. Compared to this.

And although I don’t wish for anyone else to be in the same boat I’m in, I would love some company of another sort. I would love for someone to come over and take the baby so I can have a minute – just one stinkin’ minute – for myself. Anyone will do, I’m not picky. I just need a break. I need to not be responsible for anyone or anything for just a little while.

I need to brush my teeth. I need to take a shower. I need to exercise because I hate the way my body looks, but it’s 93 degrees outside and it’s too hot and sunny to take the baby out right now. I need some Mederma for my stretch marks, but that crap it expensive, and I am cheap. I need to bake something, because that relaxes me and I enjoy it, but the baby won’t let me put her down, not even for 5 minutes. I need a crib mobile that doesn’t stop playing music after only 3 minutes (who is the genius that thought of that anyway? Seriously, a wind up mobile? Have you never heard of an on/off switch? Stupid.) I need to type a blog post with both hands again, like I used to be able to do.  I need to calm down and stop being mad at Emily because she is a BABY and she has no other way to communicate than to whine (well, she could cry, which would be much better, because I simply cannot stand whining). I need to start appreciating her because there are other people in this world who would love to have a baby and can’t, and I should feel so lucky. I need my husband to come home from work (yes, he’s working on a Saturday) so that I will stop resenting him for being so lucky that he gets to leave the house! And he gets a break from the baby! I would love to go to work right now. I would love to go anywhere for that matter.

Anywhere, except for crazy town. Too bad I’ve got a one-way ticket……


2 thoughts on “Misery Loves Company

  1. I was blog hopping and somehow came upon yours. My baby is now 16 years old but your words sent me rushing back to when he was a baby. I promise you that this time will end. Go take a shower. If the baby cries…it is OKAY! As long as nothing is wrong with the baby…it does not hurt one bit for her to cry. Buy one of those baby slings where you can tie her onto you and bake away! Invest in a cd player and plug in a cd. Baby mobiles never last long enough. OMG! Maybe you can invent one that plays for hours!

    Again..,.I promise you it will be okay. If you are totally overwhelmed…call someone and get out for awhile. EVERYONE will understand.

    Just my 2 cents sweetie…one mom to another.

  2. I can leave my house around 7am & have to be back by 3pm to get Bean off the bus. What day do you want me to come?
    I’m not near the computer much so call me & let me know.
    Please. I would love to see you & love to play with Emily for the day so I can get my baby itch taken care of.


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