Birth Day

Yesterday was a rough day for vaginas. Our sister-in-law gave birth to one baby:


Who looks just like his big sister Bea!


And our cat gave birth to 4 babies!


But as I soon learned, the universe can be a bastard sometimes. Poor Whitaker West was born too soon, and as you can see, he needs help breathing. His lungs are not fully developed, and so he was transported to Savannah to a hospital that is better equipped to take care of him, and in a few weeks he should be just fine! Please keep him and the rest of his family in your thoughts and prayers.

There is bad news with the cat as well. Mama cat sucks as a mother. Maybe it’s because she is less than a year old, and in my opinion, she is still a kid herself. Or maybe she just doesn’t care. Anyhow, she birthed 4 kittens, and she is now down to 2 (there are 3 in the picture above). Yesterday morning when I woke up, I saw Pookie run across the yard with what appeared to be a kitten in her mouth, but I wasn’t sure because I didn’t know if the cat had given birth yet or not. I yelled at her since the windows were open (cause we live in the south and the weather is so awesome this time of year) and she disappeared with the kitten. We went outside to look for it, with no luck, and I hoped and prayed that it was only a mole. So since the stupid cat decided to give birth in the dog house (and dogs and kittens clearly don’t mix) the dogs have been banished from their humble abode.

Today we (stupidly) decided to give the dogs access to their house again, since they get along so well with the big, fully grown cat whom is as big as the dogs, while we were watching them, just to see what they would do. To see if they would bother the kittens, or let them be. And I just knew that the mama cat would be protective and never let them get close to her babies. We only turned our backs for a minute to tend to more important matters (a snake in the yard) when I saw Pookie once again running through the yard with a kitten in her mouth. Have I mentioned that I hate that dog? I’m ok with Magnum – he doesn’t get on my nerves. But Pookie? She is BAD, and she barks all. the. time. So yeah, she isn’t exactly this (wo)man’s best friend. The mother in me wanted to kill her, but since the cat didn’t seem to mind, I let it go.

Anybody want a kitten?


2 thoughts on “Birth Day

  1. Hey Megan! Nice post. Did you take that picture of Beatrice? It is so good. I hope you and Emily are doing good. I am sorry I have been so self-absorbed these last few weeks. I haven’t been a good Auntie at all!!!! I think my body just couldn’t handle the pregnancy – hince the sickness and fatigue and preterm labor. That boy was just ready to get here. I hope to be back to normal, or as close as it gets, pretty soon. Love you all. P.S. I am voting.

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