Cloth Diaper Update

I had a huge reality check recently about the cloth diapers that we had decided to buy. $18.00 for each diaper? Were we crazy, or what?

So for the past few days I have been doing some majorly extensive research: reading reviews and blogs about cloth diapering, asking for recommendations from other cloth diaper users, and looking at just about every brand and style of cloth diaper that is available.

And now instead of buying the  AIO (all in one) diapers (the whole thing has to be washed and that would be super annoying and expensive, since we would have to buy more of them) we have decided to go with fitted, or contoured cloth diapers with diaper covers. We will have to buy a lot of the diapers, but we’ll only need a few of the diaper covers. Much, much cheaper.

How much cheaper? Well instead of spending $200, now it’s going to cost around $50. And once she outgrows those, we will have to spend another $50 for the larger diapers and covers. Not bad considering we have already gone through $30 worth of disposables in 3 weeks.

So which diapers have we decided to use? We are going to buy the cloth pinless diapers from and Kushies diaper covers. And once I get them I will definately let you know how things are going.

One thing that we are already using is cloth wipes. We do not use disposable wipes on Emily’s bottom unless we are away from home. I had originally planned to cut up some prefold cloth diapers to use as wipes, or buy fabric and make my own. But Emily received a ton of washcloths at her showers, so I just use those. I have one little stack that I use to bathe her with, and one huge stack for butt wiping. It is so easy, and the best part is that they are warm and chemical free! Emily loves diaper changes!


2 thoughts on “Cloth Diaper Update

  1. You can also make homemade wipes (which I’ll have to do since the smell of baby wipes makes Shawn want to vomit). You take a plastic container (like a leftover bowl) cup a small hole in the top & fill it with wet paper towels with a dab of baby wash. Shake it up real good so that the wash gets in the towels.
    For cost – it’s just a buck or so for a 3 roll of paper towels and that should last a while.

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