Weighing In

For the past week, I had been worrying and wondering if Emily has been getting enough to eat. My body is making more than enough milk for her, but I just didn’t know if she was getting as much as she should because she seems to want to eat all the time. Sometimes she will go 3 hours or more, but sometimes it is only 30 minutes or 1 hour that go by before she starts rooting and looking for a snack (this is where she has gotten her nickname – “little bird” – because that is exactly what she looks like and she eats like a bird).

Well at her 1 week check-up yesterday, all worries were laid to rest. Not only has she gained back all of the weight that she lost after she was born, she has gone above and beyond her birth weight! She is now at 8 lbs 4 oz! I am so proud of her – she is doing so good!

I also had the opportunity to weigh in yesterday, and I am thrilled, amazed, and shocked at what I saw on the scale. I won’t tell you how much I weigh, but of the 35 pounds that I gained while I was pregnant, I lost 11 when Emily was born, and 10 more since then, for a grand total of 21 pounds! I am only 14 pounds away from my pre-pregnancy size, but I hope to lose around 20 pounds (I did have a bit of a belly pooch before and some issues with my thighs). I can’t wait until I am back to feeling normal and Emily and I can go for walks in this nice weather!

And here is some eye candy for you!


She looks so teeny-tiny in her crib!


What a funny face!


She always sleeps with her arms up like this – we can’t swaddle her!


2 thoughts on “Weighing In

  1. Awww she’s beautiful!!!

    My fourth nursed NON-STOP, I’m sure, for the first four months of her life. I didn’t take her in for well-baby because I delayed vaxes, but as long as she’s not complaining and there’s a couple of wet diapers, all is good!


  2. Well let me tell you- she is a cutie!!! She is looking like she is going to be tall!!! As for the nursing- Dylan didn’t wean until he turned 2!!! I wanted to wean him on his first birthday but he wasn’t willing to let it go until he was 25 months old!!! I got a lot of strange comments but at least I did what I could for him and he hasn’t been sick (only had 1 cold in his life!) So I feel like his immune system is strong!!! I am thankful I finally got him weaned a little after his 2nd birthday but I wouldn’t have changed the experience for the world! He is so healthy!
    ps- Did I tell Emily looks just “a little” like her Daddy? She really looks like Denny in the 2nd picture.

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