Emily’s Room

* I meant to post these pictures a long time ago – I guess it slipped my mind. Sorry!


The green paint is  soooo bright!


Our one-of-a-kind rocking chair. Denny painted it and we had the cushions re-covered.


I did this all by myself! I even tied the bow (after about 50 tries).


Her very, very flowery crib!




Got this at Hobby Lobby – paid $3.50 when it was 50% off!


Another Hobby Lobby find – this was only $3.00!


Those vinyl letters, on the other hand, were $15.00. I thought they were going to be much, much bigger.


Our Pottery Barn/Craigslist armoire – which is FULL of stuff!


This is hanging above the door



Her extensive wardrobe – and these are only the hanging clothes!


This hangs on the closet door – and once again, I got it at Hobby Lobby for $2.50!

I hope you enjoyed her room!


3 thoughts on “Emily’s Room

  1. You sure did a great job putting her nursery together!!! It’s so cute and everything goes together so well! I wish I had that knack for decorating but I don’t! Her nursery is precious and I love the “you are my sunshine” thing.

  2. Her room looks great. You did a great job. I love all the green & stark white.
    And all those Hobby Lobby finds – I need to make another trip.
    And the flowers – I’m stealing the idea. We have tons of marbles left over from our wedding & I couldn’t figure anything to do with them. That is a great idea.

    The cloths – its only going to get worse overtime. Buy more hangers…You will never have enough!

  3. Hey Megan. The nursery is beautiful! Beatrice and I are FINALLY over the stomach bug as we are ready to bring you dinner. How does Wednesday sound? Do you have any aversions? We could bring it over Wednesday afternoon if that works for you and Emily.

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