No News

Went for my appointment with the midwife today, still not much going on. I’m 2 cm dilated and 50% effaced, but that really doesn’t mean anything. I could be pregnant for a few more days, or I could go into labor in an hour. Anything is possible at this point! She did reposition the baby though, and I am hoping that will get things going. As bad as it hurt, I better get something out of it. While she was doing my exam, she said that the baby’s head wasn’t lying directly on the center of my cervix, and so she actually put her fingers under the baby’s head and moved it to where it needs to be. Ouch! Everyone predicts that it will happen soon – maybe even tonight – because of this crazy weather we’re getting. Since I woke up this morning I have been saying it would happen tonight, but I am not going to get my hopes up. I just keep reminding myself that it won’t be as long as it has been. She WILL come out eventually!


3 thoughts on “No News

  1. I hope it did happen last nite, b/c I dreamed that I was at your house for some reason and at 3:00am you woke up and your water had broken and you left a trail of it thru the house when you and Denny left for the birthing center and I stayed and cleaned it up for you. I guess you can tell that you and your baby are REALLY on my mind. You are on my mind constantly and I check you and your mom’s blog several times a day. My prayers are with you! Love ya girly, you’re like the little sis I never had.

  2. That was sweet. But still no baby. Baby girl must be either really comfortable or really stubborn. lol
    I actually have a blog in draft ready to send when were on our way. Just pray I remember to post it. lol

  3. Well I’m still checking back everyday to you and your Mom’s blog to hear the news!!! I remember going in for my last “check” before Dylan came and she told me I was dilated a little more than 3 and I was SHOCKED she sent me home!!! That was Dec 14 and Dylan was born on December 16th!!! I know you’re excited and this baby sure is keeping us all surprised!!! Maybe she’ll come on the day we’re expected to have snow flurries!!!
    Well either way I’m so proud of you and I know this might not help but- my sister was 12 days late with her firstborn who was born at a birthing center in Atlanta and she did great! She still tells about how he was due on Oct 12th and didn’t come until the 23rd!!! Well hang in there and we’re all thinking of you! Love, Donna

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