Still No Baby

I’m beginning to wonder if there really is a baby in there, or if my father-in-law is right, and I’m just getting fat.

Apparently I have a very comfy uterus, so I guess that is something I can be proud of. I can make and grow a baby like nobody’s business.

The little one and I had an agreement (or at least I thought we did) that she would come out on or before her due date, AND that I will have a speedy labor and delivery. She has already broken her end of the deal on the first one, so I am hoping that she’s not going to let me down again. This child is seriously a diva. Her daddy has already promised her the world if she will just come out, but I guess that  isn’t good enough for her.

Screw all this boredom and waiting around. I’m getting out of here. Brandi – you have gotten me hooked on decorating my house with all of your projects and crafts and thrift store finds. So off to Hobby Lobby I go! Besides, what’s the worst that could happen?


One thought on “Still No Baby

  1. You must have some candy in there.
    I’m glad your getting out the house. I wish I could take off work & do something for you. Even if you wouldn’t want to be around anyone. I can come do some jump-n-jacks with you or something.

    Anyway if you didn’t get my text – have fun in Hobby. I’m jealous!
    And please carry your phone in case she decides to end your shopping trip.

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