Getting Duped

About a year ago, Denny and I, along with his parents and several other couples that we know, purchased some property in McIntosh County. We thought it was a great investment, and that it would be a great vacation spot, too. It’s close to the water, but still quiet and low-key. There are things to do and places to go, but it’s not a sprawling city. It’s in a little place called Shellman Bluff, and the property that we bought is a lot in Shellman Hammock RV park (doesn’t the website make it seem so wonderful?). For the past few years, we have gone to Shellman for their annual St. Patrick’s Day parade. We can ride our golf cart, there are booths and exhibits for kids and for grown-ups, and the best part is, there aren’t thousands of ridiculously drunk people to deal with.

Sounds great, right?

Wrong. The man who sold us the land wasn’t supposed to sell it as lots; he bought it with the stipulation that he could rent the lots, not sell them. But yet, he sold them anyway. He knew he was doing wrong. His lawyer knew it was wrong too, but he didn’t seem to mind when we all showed up for the closing. And the county is somewhat to blame as well, but nobody seems to want to take the blame right now, which leaves us with a lot that we cannot touch, yet we still have to pay for it.

When the lot was purchased, we were told that the seller was going to provide electricity, water, and sewage to all of the lots. He was going to pave the roads, and we could expect all of this to be completed within 6 months or so. Well 1 year has passed, and it’s a bunch of dirt with weeds growing rampant (all of this is in writing – in the deed, no less). We also were told that we could park an RV on our lot, and we could even build a small structure if we wanted.

But recently, the county stepped in and said no, no, no. It’s not going to happen, never, ever. And so we’re stuck with a piece of land that we literally cannot touch (even though we own it and pay taxes on it). So what does that mean? Lawsuit. A big one. Against the seller, against the lawyer, and possibly against the county. Like our relative Linda Williams said in her interview with the Jacksonville newspaper, “I want my money back. They can keep the lot”.  And truly, that is all we want.

Just give us our money back.


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