Still Waiting

I hate it when pregnant bloggers who have reached “the end” don’t update their site every day. I keep checking back, just knowing that a new baby has arrived, and then finally, 5 days later, they will announce that nothing has happened yet. Such a letdown! So I will try my best to keep you updated, whether there is news or no news.

And I’m sorry that I waited so late in the day to post, but I have actually only been out of the bed for about 30 minutes. I am exhausted. I have no energy. Yesterday I just laid around the house all day, the hours dragging by. So I figure if I sleep (and trust me, I can make myself sleep, whether I’m sleepy or not), the time will go by much faster. I feel trapped, like I’m a prisoner in my own home. Yesterday I went for a walk, and when Denny found out, he got upset because I didn’t take me cell phone with me. I want so badly to get out and do something, but there are 3 problems with me doing so: 1) I don’t feel like being around anybody, so I would have to drive myself. 2) Everyone that I know would pitch a fit and fuss over me if I attempted to go to town all by myself, and that would just make me even more pissy than I already am. 3) I really need a shower, but I do not feel like drying my hair and making it presentable to the rest of the world.

So I guess that I am stuck here for yet another day. The misery meter has almost topped out. I know that people say that just when you think that you can’t go on any longer, it will happen. Well, I think that crying myself to sleep and getting mad because the baby was kicking me and it hurt, definately says a lot about how much longer I am gonna last. I was just informed that Makayla (my sister) predicts that I will go into labor around 8:00 tonight, and I honestly believe it. I remember on the day that she was born, I knew she was coming all day long. When I got home from my job at Domino’s (I was 16) that night, I got a shower, got dressed, fixed my hair and did my make-up, and watched the Braves game on TV while everyone else was sleeping. And sure enough, my dad came knocking at the door a little while later, and I was ready to go. So maybe there is a little something to her prediction. I guess we will just have to wait and see……


3 thoughts on “Still Waiting

  1. I knew that since your mom posted earlier today nothing had happened this morning BUT wishful thinking on my part thought about how you could have went into labor after she posted. It’ll happen soon enough & all this pain will be forgotten. Look if we could remember pain do you think I would be trying to have another one.

    Hopefully Makayla’s intuition is on key & little baby girl will come tonight. I will die if she comes at 8 – that will be a little freaky.

    Take a walk – it might be good for you to get fresh air & walking around might help her want out. Even though I tried everything the last 4 days of being pregnant & nothing really works. BUT girl – take your cellphone!

    Love ya! Still praying for you & rooting for a February 25th baby girl!

  2. Well- Makayla just called me and she is going to come sit with me and Dylan while you have the baby. She said she thought you were going into labor at 8pm tonight!!! She is so cute and let’s hope she’s right!!! I remember feeling just the way you did and somehow you get a burst of energy when it’s time!!!
    I don’t know how or why but you do. Trust me I’m a low energy person who
    LOVES to sleep but I got the energy I needed to go through it! And just wait until you get the first look at her! You will experience something you’ve never felt before- it’s unreal! It’s the most amazing feeling to see the face you’ve been dreaming about for months! You don’t even realize you’ve been in labor because you’re so happy and excited to be with this “new” person.
    Okay let me hush I’m wanting to have another one! Like your cousin Brandi said- it’s not that bad or else she wouldn’t be trying to have another one!
    Well we’re still praying and thinking of you- Love, Donna and Dylan

  3. Hang in there. Enjoy it. I know everyone is telling you that but seriously…enjoy that sleep and all-me time. Oh, the envy I have of you and your few days left of Megan-time. From the moment she arrives, it will never again be just “you” or just “you and Denny.” I think you deserve for Denny to take you out for a really nice date to relax, get ready, and enjoy your final alone-ness.

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