Not Me Monday

Denny and I did not go to Circuit City on Friday while we were in Savannah for my appointment with the midwife. They are not going out of business, and they are not having a huge sale. So we did not buy a 52″ plasma TV for hundreds of dollars less than what it is worth. We did not score!

We also did not have to buy a new TV stand to accomodate the TV that we did not buy. So I did not have to re-decorate our living room and find new places to put all of the picture frames, candles, and other decor that used to be on our old entertainment center.

I did not go to the grocery store and buy everything that we could possibly need for the next few weeks. I did not buy 3 packs of toilet paper, and I did not buy 2 gallons of milk. I did not lift a 20 pound bag of dog food, and I did not pick up an 18 pound bag of cat food either. I did not hope that doing so would cause something to rupture inside of my uterus.

I did not go into the nursery yesterday and go through all of the baby’s drawers. I did not ooh and aah at each piece of clothing that she has, and I definately did not wonder if she really does have enough clothes to wear.

I did not defend myself and my decision  to have a natural childbirth for the first time. I did not blow up and raise my voice because I am just so sick of hearing about it. And it did not feel great!


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