Throwing Money Away

So I was in Walmart a few days ago, and I just happened to be in the baby section (hmm, I wonder how I got there?), when I noticed the diapers. You see, we don’t have any diapers. We have not bought any (well we do have 1 pack to use for backup), and we were not given any. I know you’re thinking that I should jump in the car, get myself to Walmart and buy a month’s supply, but I promise you, I am not. Do you know how much diapers cost?

A pack of 72 newborn size Pampers is $20. Seriously? $20? For a week’s worth of diapers? I might as well take a $20 bill and go outside and burn it. Every week. To diaper a child in disposables until they are 2 years old and potty trained (and that’s more like 3 years old for boys, from what I’ve heard) would cost over $2000!

So since Denny and I have already lost our minds, since we’re having a natural birth with NO DRUGS and all, we have decided to cloth diaper. No, I’m not talking about 1970’s cloth diapers with the pins, there is a whole new generation of cloth diapers out there. They come in different colors, which I think is just so much fun, but they do have to be washed after each use. It’s more work than using disposables, but since my loads of laundry are about to double anyway, I don’t think that 1 more load is going to make much of a difference. Plus, we are only going to be spending what it would cost to buy 2 months’ worth of disposables.

Who’s the smart one now?


4 thoughts on “Throwing Money Away

  1. Let me know all about the experience.
    I’ve thought about it with the next one but not 100% sure I’ll do it.
    It kinda scares me.
    I’ll be making homemade wipes but that might be as far as I get.

  2. PLEASE blog about how this goes! I am trying to convince my hubs to go cloth – but we are not in agreement. Right now atleast I am getting him to consider g diapers (google it). Still money but more environmentally friendly. And I guess day-care approved. I can’t WAIT TO HEAR YOUR JOURNEY! Yeah for you and cloth diapers!

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