Not Me Monday

(Yeah, I’m a day late. So what? I wasn’t home much yesterday and I didn’t have time to do this.)

I did not go to Belk and they were not having a huge clearance sale. I did not find a super cute Christmas dress for baby girl for next year. It was not marked down to $4.19, and I did not buy it! I am not a bargain shopper!

I did not cut into a fresh pineapple for the first time this week. It did not take me almost 25 years to eat the real thing, instead of pineapple from a can. It did not taste amazing, and it does not contain bromelain, which will not help to ripen my cervix.

I did not wear high heels to the wedding. High heels! 38 weeks pregnant! It totally did not happen!

I did not beg my freezing husband not to turn the heater on. I was not burning up, and I do not have hot flashes all day long.


One thought on “Not Me Monday

  1. i’m always freezing my husband out of the house, especially at night when its like 65 degrees in the house and i’ve got the fan on in the bedroom.

    i hope the hot flashes end with the pregnancy

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