Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope yours will be better than mine.

I am home alone, and I just realized that I have to shave my legs. Not an easy task these days. Denny’s best friend Paul is getting married today (in about 2 hours, actually) and since I have to put on something more appropriate than the pj’s I am currently wearing, I gotta do something about the cactus-legs.

Oh, and then there is the baby who is pressing into my back. I’ve succeeded in getting her to move a tiny bit, but still, it HURTS. And of course, tomorrow is THE DAY (6 years since the day we met – how sweet!)  that I want this baby to be born, and it’s not looking like that is going to be a possibility. Not a chance.

But at least I get to eat cake! Lots and lots of cake!


2 thoughts on “2-14

  1. I remember before I went into labor with Dylan I had an “instinct” that I was about too. I started having like pms “cramps”. They weren’t that bad though.
    I’ve had periods that seemed worse than my labor.
    One more thing- about 2 days before he was born he didn’t move much AT ALL- I thought something was wrong and overreacted (like I always do!) turns out he was just ready to come out (and out of room in there- lol!)
    That’s just my experience to don’t be surprised if you start to get a “feeling” the time is coming. I think it’s God’s way of preparing us. OK- eat lots of cake!!! Love you!

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