And The Winner Is……

After much deliberation,

tons of book reading,

and more internet searching than I care to admit,

we have a name! But,

we’re not telling! And if you think you know what it is,

you’re wrong.

However, I will say this much:

Her middle name is definately going to be Willow.

It’s in honor of my Grandma,

who is the awesomest person that I have ever known.


5 thoughts on “And The Winner Is……

  1. Well I thought ya’ll were almost positive she would be named Emily. Please tell me it’s not back to Sadie. Because for some reason it dawned on me yesterday, her initials would be SWH “sh** will happen.

  2. Sadie was a pretty name.
    Aunt Thena – it is better than my best friends childs initials – STD.

    I can’t wait til she’s here so we can all know the name.

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