Nothing to Blog About

My mom wants to blog – I think. But she claims that she has nothing to blog about. Give me a break! I could list 100 things for her to blog about right now – like the picky eaters at her house, (she makes 4 different kinds of spaghetti EVERY time she makes it) or my 18 year old brother who lives up to the Blankenship name 100% (if she were to blog about this, then you would know what I’m talking about – trust me, it’s hilarious), or how she wasn’t allowed to wear pants when she was a girl. She could tell you stories about her wonderful parents and their relationship with each other, (I think I am a lot like my grandma, and my grandma thinks that Denny is a lot like my granddaddy was, and I also think that our relationship is a lot like theirs was) or about her family’s quirks (her little brother who never quite settled down, or the “aunt” who isn’t related to us at all, but has still been at every family function for the past 30 or so years). She could write about her current husband and her ex, and how they are a lot alike (or so I think), or how she taught her 3 year old to read. Or how she babies my little sister to no end (I know she is the baby, after all, but you gotta stop laying down with her every night while she goes to sleep at some point). She could tell you all about the number 19. Then there are all of the stories about me – how I hated her for a while and then suddenly became her friend. Just the things that happen at her house on a day-to-day basis are enough to keep a blog going. So mama, come on out and blog (or I will be forced to do it for you)!


3 thoughts on “Nothing to Blog About

  1. I guess in our family even through a divorce if ex-in laws are close and civil they stay in touch. Whereas in your Daddy’s family they practically disown everyone involved. The Aunt you’re referring to, her son is still Grandma’s grandson and Grandma helped to raise him. Because his Dad, my oldest brother left them and moved around and back then child support recovery wasn’t what it is today. So as far as I know he never paid child support. That’s why they are so close because Grandma became like a second Mom to her.
    But seriously I never thought of my life being so interesting. lol

  2. Gosh Megan good post.
    I agree with her Aunt Thena.
    I would love to have another blog to read. But a blog of someone I know & am related to. I could actually learn something about my family.
    It will be a little difficult at times coming up with things to write about then it will come addicting. Look at me I write everyday & sometimes more than that.
    You have learned a lot about me, haven’t you.
    I’ve learned a lot about Megan. And even though we only see each other once a year I feel closer to her now just by reading about what is going on in her life.

    I wanna read it so come on – write something.

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