Not Me Monday

  • I did not turn the ringer off on my phone this morning because I didn’t feel like being around a bunch of 7 year olds today. No, it’s not because I’m 38 weeks pregnant and feel like a whale who can barely waddle around – I feel great!
  • I did not get a huge burst of energy yesterday and clean the entire house like a mad-woman. I did not wash all of the clothes, I did not dust the furniture, and I did not clean the bathrooms and the kitchen. I did not clean out drawers and shelves and closets, and I most certainly did not throw anything away. Come see for yourself.
  • I have not and I am not going to get my hopes up that  this baby will be born this week. Full moon is not tonight, Friday is not the 13th, and Denny is absolutely not in a wedding this weekend. It would not be a perfect time for her to arrive!

One thought on “Not Me Monday

  1. That’s called nesting!!! Isn’t it cool? You get the energy to clean the house
    from top to bottom- then everything looks nice when the baby gets here!
    As for what day she is going to make her arrival…… that depends. I’m guessing the 20th (I was 4 days early with Dylan) so it’s just a guess.
    The 12th of February was Me and your Uncle Billy’s wedding anniversary. Remeber we were married 2 days before Valentines Day? I wanted Valentines but it was on a Monday. So the 12th is a good day. I thought of your Granddaddy Kersey’s birthday but it was the 7th wasn’t it??? To late! Maybe you’ll be right on time like your Mom was with you! Well hopefully yall’ with get through the wedding Denny is in and then she’ll make her
    debut. I’m still guessing the 20th- ain’t I whack? Love you

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