37 Weeks

Last Wednesday at the 36 week appointment I had my Group B Strep test, but I hadn’t heard back from the midwife with my results. So all week I stressed about it. I thought that maybe the reason they hadn’t called was because it was negative and there was nothing to worry about. Or maybe they didn’t call because it was positive and they were giving me a few less days to stress over it because of my fear of needles. So which do you want first? The good news, or the bad news?

The bad news? Ok.

My test was positive. Which means that I will have to be given antibiotics through an IV while I am in labor. If not, the bacteria could be passed on to the baby, which could make her very, very sick.

The good news is that the IV will only be in for about 10 minutes, and they will use a baby-sized IV needle. So I guess it won’t be too bad. I can handle it. More good news: the midwife confirmed that the baby has definately dropped. Her heart rate was good and strong, and she is doing great!

Oh, and the weight gain was a huge shock. I didn’t gain any weight for the last 3 weeks, and then yesterday the scale said that I gained 5 pounds. But the midwife said that everyone had been having huge jumps, so I’m just going to say that the scale is broken, and no, I did NOT gain 5 pounds in a week.


2 thoughts on “37 Weeks

  1. Megan,
    I had to tell you- don’t worry about the IV! Mom had to have one when she
    had a procedure done recently and she said she couldn’t believe it but it didn’t
    hurt at all. She asked them why and they said they have a new way of doing it
    where it’s deadened before they put it in. She was shocked she said it didn’t
    hurt or bother her AT ALL!!!!
    Please don’t stress over it- it won’t bother you. I’m so excited for yall’ and can’t wait to see her first picture!

    Aunt Donna and boys

    ps- your maternity pics are lovely- if I’d looked that good I’d of had some taken. You are fortunate. Love you

  2. Megan
    It is just water weight. It’s perfectly fine & normal.
    Imagine gaining a whole 69lbs.
    Yep that’s how much I gained with Anaston.
    I hate to see how much with the next one.
    They say you get bigger with the 2nd.

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