We Made It!

Yeah folks, we made it to February. I never thought that it would come, but it sure did get here in a hurry. I can’t believe that I am going to have a baby this month. I really, really can’t believe that I could have a baby any day now. Seriously, it could happen tomorrow. Scary!

One happy thought is that if she is born now (or hopefully later) she is considered full-term and she can be born at the birthing center. If she would have decided to come before the 37-week mark (which is tomorrow!), I would have been forced to go to the hospital.

Oh, one more thing. My belly that used to be oh-so-cute, has now dropped and is now oh-so-saggy. It’s kinda sad looking. Like it’s just gonna fall off. But I still don’t have any stretch marks! Halleujah!


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