No News

Went for my appointment with the midwife today, still not much going on. I’m 2 cm dilated and 50% effaced, but that really doesn’t mean anything. I could be pregnant for a few more days, or I could go into labor in an hour. Anything is possible at this point! She did reposition the baby though, and I am hoping that will get things going. As bad as it hurt, I better get something out of it. While she was doing my exam, she said that the baby’s head wasn’t lying directly on the center of my cervix, and so she actually put her fingers under the baby’s head and moved it to where it needs to be. Ouch! Everyone predicts that it will happen soon – maybe even tonight – because of this crazy weather we’re getting. Since I woke up this morning I have been saying it would happen tonight, but I am not going to get my hopes up. I just keep reminding myself that it won’t be as long as it has been. She WILL come out eventually!


Getting Duped

About a year ago, Denny and I, along with his parents and several other couples that we know, purchased some property in McIntosh County. We thought it was a great investment, and that it would be a great vacation spot, too. It’s close to the water, but still quiet and low-key. There are things to do and places to go, but it’s not a sprawling city. It’s in a little place called Shellman Bluff, and the property that we bought is a lot in Shellman Hammock RV park (doesn’t the website make it seem so wonderful?). For the past few years, we have gone to Shellman for their annual St. Patrick’s Day parade. We can ride our golf cart, there are booths and exhibits for kids and for grown-ups, and the best part is, there aren’t thousands of ridiculously drunk people to deal with.

Sounds great, right?

Wrong. The man who sold us the land wasn’t supposed to sell it as lots; he bought it with the stipulation that he could rent the lots, not sell them. But yet, he sold them anyway. He knew he was doing wrong. His lawyer knew it was wrong too, but he didn’t seem to mind when we all showed up for the closing. And the county is somewhat to blame as well, but nobody seems to want to take the blame right now, which leaves us with a lot that we cannot touch, yet we still have to pay for it.

When the lot was purchased, we were told that the seller was going to provide electricity, water, and sewage to all of the lots. He was going to pave the roads, and we could expect all of this to be completed within 6 months or so. Well 1 year has passed, and it’s a bunch of dirt with weeds growing rampant (all of this is in writing – in the deed, no less). We also were told that we could park an RV on our lot, and we could even build a small structure if we wanted.

But recently, the county stepped in and said no, no, no. It’s not going to happen, never, ever. And so we’re stuck with a piece of land that we literally cannot touch (even though we own it and pay taxes on it). So what does that mean? Lawsuit. A big one. Against the seller, against the lawyer, and possibly against the county. Like our relative Linda Williams said in her interview with the Jacksonville newspaper, “I want my money back. They can keep the lot”.  And truly, that is all we want.

Just give us our money back.

Still No Baby

I’m beginning to wonder if there really is a baby in there, or if my father-in-law is right, and I’m just getting fat.

Apparently I have a very comfy uterus, so I guess that is something I can be proud of. I can make and grow a baby like nobody’s business.

The little one and I had an agreement (or at least I thought we did) that she would come out on or before her due date, AND that I will have a speedy labor and delivery. She has already broken her end of the deal on the first one, so I am hoping that she’s not going to let me down again. This child is seriously a diva. Her daddy has already promised her the world if she will just come out, but I guess that  isn’t good enough for her.

Screw all this boredom and waiting around. I’m getting out of here. Brandi – you have gotten me hooked on decorating my house with all of your projects and crafts and thrift store finds. So off to Hobby Lobby I go! Besides, what’s the worst that could happen?

Still Waiting

I hate it when pregnant bloggers who have reached “the end” don’t update their site every day. I keep checking back, just knowing that a new baby has arrived, and then finally, 5 days later, they will announce that nothing has happened yet. Such a letdown! So I will try my best to keep you updated, whether there is news or no news.

And I’m sorry that I waited so late in the day to post, but I have actually only been out of the bed for about 30 minutes. I am exhausted. I have no energy. Yesterday I just laid around the house all day, the hours dragging by. So I figure if I sleep (and trust me, I can make myself sleep, whether I’m sleepy or not), the time will go by much faster. I feel trapped, like I’m a prisoner in my own home. Yesterday I went for a walk, and when Denny found out, he got upset because I didn’t take me cell phone with me. I want so badly to get out and do something, but there are 3 problems with me doing so: 1) I don’t feel like being around anybody, so I would have to drive myself. 2) Everyone that I know would pitch a fit and fuss over me if I attempted to go to town all by myself, and that would just make me even more pissy than I already am. 3) I really need a shower, but I do not feel like drying my hair and making it presentable to the rest of the world.

So I guess that I am stuck here for yet another day. The misery meter has almost topped out. I know that people say that just when you think that you can’t go on any longer, it will happen. Well, I think that crying myself to sleep and getting mad because the baby was kicking me and it hurt, definately says a lot about how much longer I am gonna last. I was just informed that Makayla (my sister) predicts that I will go into labor around 8:00 tonight, and I honestly believe it. I remember on the day that she was born, I knew she was coming all day long. When I got home from my job at Domino’s (I was 16) that night, I got a shower, got dressed, fixed my hair and did my make-up, and watched the Braves game on TV while everyone else was sleeping. And sure enough, my dad came knocking at the door a little while later, and I was ready to go. So maybe there is a little something to her prediction. I guess we will just have to wait and see……

Due Date, Schmue Date

Well the day has finally arrived. The day that we have all been waiting so patiently for (or not so patiently for some of us). The day that has been circled on the calendar for months. The day that Baby Girl is “supposed” to be born. But guess what? Somebody forgot to send her the memo, because right now, she is still as snug as a bug in a rug in her home in uterus-land.

She has, however, managed to move into the perfect position for labor. Her back is at the front and center of my belly, which means – no back labor for me! I have been trying to get her to move for a few weeks, but I guess she just wanted to wait until she was ready. (Is this child gonna be stubborn, or what? I think we are going to have a very headstrong little girl. It’s her way, or the highway folks.)  

Although over half of all women go past their due dates, I never really thought that it would happen to me. I knew that it very well could, but I just didn’t want to accept it. And hey, the day isn’t over yet! I’ve still got time! But my sister predicts tomorrow, and that is fine with me. I do really think that it will be sometime before the end of the week (or maybe that is just wishful thinking). I can just sense it. I feel completely different. The baby feels lower (if it is even possible that she can get any lower without falling out) I have been having tons of contractions, although none of them are the real thing. And she has almost completely stopped moving, which is a good sign, which means that she is saving her energy for the Journey That Lies Ahead.

Knowing that labor really could start at any second, I am finally scared. I haven’t been scared or worried about it at all until now. And honestly, it’s not the pain that scares me. I can handle the pain. It only lasts for a little while. What scares me is that when it is all over, I will have a baby. And it will be up to me (mostly – after all, I do have the boobs) to keep her alive. I have to be completely responsible for someone’s life? I have to make sure that she is fed, warm, clean, happy, loved, safe, etc.? Whoa. Am I qualified for this? Let’s hope so, ’cause it’s too late to turn back now!

Not Me Monday

Denny and I did not go to Circuit City on Friday while we were in Savannah for my appointment with the midwife. They are not going out of business, and they are not having a huge sale. So we did not buy a 52″ plasma TV for hundreds of dollars less than what it is worth. We did not score!

We also did not have to buy a new TV stand to accomodate the TV that we did not buy. So I did not have to re-decorate our living room and find new places to put all of the picture frames, candles, and other decor that used to be on our old entertainment center.

I did not go to the grocery store and buy everything that we could possibly need for the next few weeks. I did not buy 3 packs of toilet paper, and I did not buy 2 gallons of milk. I did not lift a 20 pound bag of dog food, and I did not pick up an 18 pound bag of cat food either. I did not hope that doing so would cause something to rupture inside of my uterus.

I did not go into the nursery yesterday and go through all of the baby’s drawers. I did not ooh and aah at each piece of clothing that she has, and I definately did not wonder if she really does have enough clothes to wear.

I did not defend myself and my decision  to have a natural childbirth for the first time. I did not blow up and raise my voice because I am just so sick of hearing about it. And it did not feel great!

39 Weeks

Friday’s check-up was a bit more exciting than the rest – I had my first internal exam to see how things are progressing. I told the midwife to begin with that I didn’t want to know any numbers (centimeters dilated) or percentages (of effacement), and so she didn’t tell me any. I knew that if there was nothing going on down there that I would be disappointed. Ignorace is bliss. She did say that things were exactly as she would expect them to be at 39+ weeks, and that I am getting very soft and ripe. She also hinted that I am about 2 centimeters dilated, but I really don’t know for sure. And she could feel the baby’s head – which really, really freaked me out, since she was only a few inches in (TMI? Sorry).  Her head is LOW, ready to make an exit. She told me a few things to do at home to get things going, but so far, nothing seems to be working.

Other than that, everything was fine. My weight didn’t change at all, heart rate was normal, blah, blah, blah. Now I’m just waiting. I guess I’ll go for another walk……