36 Weeks

We had our 7th and final class yesterday; now we are just waiting on this baby to make her big debut. I wonder when she will pop out. On the full moon on the 9th? Or maybe Friday the 13th? But hopefully not on Valentine’s Day (Denny is in a wedding that day, and it’s a holiday. I wouldn’t think that it would be too much fun to share your birthday with a holiday). The 15th would be ok though – that’s 6 years since the day we met. Or the 22nd – 6 years since our first date. How romantic!

Ok, enough rambling. Baby Girl is doing great, and mommy is doing even better! I lost half a pound. And the midwife says that this is common at the end, so I am probably through gaining now. And I only gained 27 pounds! Yay! The midwife also felt for the baby yesterday and said that she is small; not unhealthy, just small. So it looks like I won’t have to push out a huge 10 pound baby. Awesome!


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