The Name Game

I never knew choosing a name could be so hard! When I am looking for baby names, I look for names that are uncommon, but not unusual. Take “Sadie” for example. I have never in my life met anyone named Sadie. The only Sadie I know is Adam Sandler’s daughter, and I doubt we will ever cross paths. There have been Sadies in movies, like Knocked Up and Licence to Wed, but none in real life. So I think that name would be perfect.

The one name that Denny loves is uncommon too – Colby. We don’t know any Colbys, and if I have my way, we won’t have any daughters named Colby, either. It just reminds me of cheese, which is my favorite food, but still. It’s cheese.

All my life, I was the only Megan at my school, at church, everywhere. I never met any other Megans until a few years ago. (And now Denny’s best friend is marrying a Megan next month. What are the odds?) And Denny has been and still is the only Denny that he and I have ever known. We like having names that aren’t shared with tons of other people.

Then there are my brother and sister – Michael and Makayla. Both are very popular names, especially Makayla. I’m around small children almost every day, and there is almost always a Makayla or two in the bunch.

That is exactly what I don’t want for my child. I want her to have her own name. Something original, something that she won’t share with 10 other girls in her school some day. So when Denny and I (almost) decided on a name, which one did we choose?

The #1 girls name in the U.S., of course! We didn’t know it at the time, but as soon as we went to Baby Name Wizard (awesome site, by the way), we were floored when we saw this name at the top of the list. That’s just my luck. All I can say is that I don’t know anyone else with this name. Nor have I taught any children with this name. But I am going to go one step further and use my connections at the health department to find out how many children have been born in the last few years with this name, and then we will decide if it’s a keeper or not.

Wondering what the name is? Go see for yourself. It’s only the most popular name in America, so it shouldn’t be hard to find!


6 thoughts on “The Name Game

  1. Well if is the 1st on on the list when I pulled the website up – that is a great one.
    I actually had that picked out for WHENEVER we have ours.
    I have about 100 names picked out already. I’m sure none of them will be it.
    But I have cousins named that & so does Shawn so we scratched it out.
    They are ones we never see but still. Not another one in the family.
    I think of that name as being very sophisticated.
    I love it. And girl if it stuck to you then that is the perfect name.
    It took me forever!!!! Mom kept spitting all kinds of names out then she spit that one out & it stuck. However…we always get “where did you get that name from”?

  2. I wouldn’t worry about name popularity too much. If you love a name, and feel that it’s right, you should use it. You have no control of how popular a name may become in the future.

    This is what happened to us. When we named our first son–no one had even heard of the name (at least in our area)People would ask, “How do you spell that?” “What’s his name again?”–Now it has become a really popular baby name! 🙂

    I still love his name–because it’s who he is supposed to be–even if there are a few others at his school one day!

    Go with the name in your heart! 🙂

    Good luck!

  3. Haven’t written you in a while- but this interested me when I read it- because……. that would be cool if you picked that name out- (if it’s the # 1
    on that site) guess why?
    That is the name of your Uncle Billy’s daughter in Illinois! I personally don’t
    know anyone named that around here either. If you do decide on it- that’s
    cool! I happen to really like Sadie too. At first it was different to me then the more I thought of it the more I liked it!
    Well guess what- if I ever have a girl I want to name her Daphne. No one likes
    it except me and Dean. But guess what? I don’t care! Just remember you
    carried the baby for 9 months so you get to name her! Love you and I’ve
    been praying for you to have an easy last month of the pregnancy. See you at the church shower! Love- Aunt Donna and Dylan

  4. Too funny! I would assume that Emily is so popular right now bc everyone wants and Emmie or Emma – which Emily could get shortened to. I have to be honest – I love Sadie. Very original.

    It’s also interesting that you didn’t know that many Megan’s. I feel like every 5th girl I knew growing up was named Megan. I am glad that it is special for you.
    Good luck with the name game! Let us know what you choose!

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