We Got a Wii!

And it’s awesome! Denny’s addiction to Craigslist worked in my favor, for once. Usually he buys super boring things, like tires, and trailers, and 4-wheelers. But he came across a Wii for $200 and we bought it that same night. Can you believe it? Those things sell for $250 at Walmart, and this one had 2 games with it. So everything we got was really worth about $400.

What we didn’t know is that you can connect a Wii to the internet. So what did we do? We bought a wireless router and hooked that baby up! It’s just like having a laptop. Now I’ll never get off of the couch. Oh wait, if I want to play a game I will. Those games will really give you a workout! I guess you know what I will be doing for the next 35 days…….


One thought on “We Got a Wii!

  1. Umm yes your gonna love that thing.
    We got one a few weeks ago & I cannot sleep if I haven’t played a few games.
    Be prepared to be sore the first few days.
    And have FUN!

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