34 Weeks

This week was our 6th PCP class, and all of the regular appointment stuff, of course. My blood pressure was finally normal again (it’s been kinda high), baby’s heart rate was 150 again, and I am measuring 35 weeks. And the best news was that I only gained half a pound since last week! Yay! That was probably because of a terrible stomach virus I had and I couldn’t keep anything down for 2 days. But hey, I’m happy!

Topic of the class? Birth! You really can’t learn much about how to push a baby out until you are actually trying to push a baby out, but it was good stuff to know anyway. Then the women in the class who have had babies before told us their birth stories. But the best part was when the midwife brought in a baby that had been born that morning! He was so tiny – I can’t believe that I will have one of my own in about a little more than a month!

Next class in in 2 weeks, and then we start going every week. We’re in the home stretch!


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